What Is Actress Cote de Pablo Doing Now ?

One of the most popular couples in TV Series is Ziva David (played by Cote de Pablo) and Tony DiNozzo (played by Michael Weatherly). Ever since the characters were introduced in the NCIS series their romance had uprooted. In real life too they ended up together after a long dilemma. Today you will get rid of one query whether Cote de Pablo is married to Michael Weatherly or not and whether she is returning to NCIS or not. We will also discuss what is actress Cote de Pablo doing now.

What Is Actress Cote de Pablo Doing Now ?

If you don’t know at moment Cote de Pablo is living in San Francisco, City in California, United States of America. Since actress Cote de Pablo left the NCIS series 8 years ago but her fan following remains intact. Now the question in everyone’s mind is where is she performing today ? Right now she is busy in a new project MIA (Detective Drama) along with Michael Weatherly which is also under CBS network production. NCIS lead actress is also the joint producer. Today she is performing on this project.

Good news for all Cote de Pablo fans as the first schedule of Detective Drama MIA has been completed. Cote de Pablo is working hard on this project. She is gearing up for the second schedule of this project. She also celebrated her 43rd birthday a few days ago. Unfortunately, she didn’t share any pictures of that celebration in the media house so far.

After completion of the first schedule, today actress Cote de Pablo began the second schedule of MIA (Detective Drama). The second schedule is taking place near Atlanta. As many as four scenes were completed in the second schedule. Approximately 15 to 20 members were present during the workout.

News is coming that actress Cote de Pablo has visited a local hospital in California recently. We are not sure what’s the main reason. Some news spread that NCIS actress is pregnant. On the other hand, it could be her routine test for Cervical cancer symptoms. We are trying for the actual reason for her visit.

So far we came to know that she has made a routine Cervical Cancer test. Alright, some tests which had been given by for NCIS leading actress has been known. She had given the following routine tests Creatinine, Urine, Fasting Blood Sugar, Haemoglobin, A1C Test, Glucose Tolerance, and Random Blood Sugar test. This is a routine test that she has to perform every 6 months or 1 year.

Is Cote De Pablo Married To Michael Weatherly

Alright, medical reports came for former NCIS lead actress. Good news for all the Cote de Pablo fans. Her Creatinine report is 0.75 mg/dL which is normal. Her urine test is also normal no virus was found. Her Fasting Blood Sugar test reads at 102 mg/dL whereas her Random Blood Sugar Test founds at 144 mg/dL. Her A1C level is around 6% (normal). Hemoglobin reads at 10.7. Overall, she is normal and alright as blood tests are concerned. She has to complete two more tests such as Pap Test and HPV DNA Test. We will give you detailed information on that too. [Updated on 18th April 2022].

The former leading actress (Cote de Pablo) of the NCIS Series has gone through a recent Pap Test and HPV DNA Test. Luckily both her reports came in the normal range. This is an extremely happy update for fans. Let’s hope she will soon join the work. [Updated on 1st September 2022].

Actress Cote de Pablo is back to her fitness workout. Recently, she has passed all her tests for Cervical Cancer for the time being. The former NCIS lead actress had been seen doing Yoga (Lotus Pose) & (Triangle Pose) at her home. She needs to remain fit and exercise as much as possible. Hope she will soon join her professional work. We will update you from time to time. [Updated on 1st October 2022].

Actress Cote de Pablo didn’t make it clear about her NCIS exit reason. In a media interview, she said, “I am not ready to talk about that yet. One day I will reveal. I was neither tired nor wanted to leave the series. Actually, I didn’t have an option.” For further detailed updates you can check here why did Cote de Pablo leave the NCIS show ? [Updated on 31st December 2022].

Cote de Pablo is coming back to Hollywood after a long break. She has already signed a new short film The Crossing. The movie will be directed by Roxanna Lewis. The former lead actress of the NCIS Series will play the character of Renata in the short movie The Crossing. The movie also stars Paul Magliato and Maria J. Glorioso respectively. The Crossing has been directed by writer Roxanna Lewis. The movie had been completed and we are waiting for its release date. The salary of Cote de Pablo has dipped in the last few years due to her treatment. This short movie might help her financially as well as to get accustomed again to the Hollywood industry. [Updated on 30th January 2023].

Cote de Pablo’s upcoming movie The Crossing is completed and waiting for its release date. Fans too eagerly waiting for it. Meanwhile, there is one more good news for fans as she is looking for another project. There is no clear information regarding the details of that project. We will try to update you from time to time. [Updated on 30th March 2023].

Actress Cote de Pablo is busy with post-production work for her upcoming movie The Crossing. Meanwhile, she watches Margot Robbie’s latest Blockbuster Barbie and praises it. As per the local media network, she liked the movie very much. However, there is still no official confirmation regarding the release date of her upcoming movie The Crossing. Stay tuned for more updates. [Updated on 31st July 2023].

Is Cote de Pablo Married To Michael Weatherly ?

Now everyone has a query is Cote de Pablo married to Michael Weatherly? The answer is yes. Michael Weatherly is married but not with his co-star and lovable friend Cote de Pablo. He married to Bojana Jankovic (who is a medical practitioner). Both, Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo remain as close friends. You can also check to whom Cote de Pablo is married too.

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