Is Cote de Pablo Married To Michael Weatherly ?

One of the most popular couples in TV Series is Ziva David (played by Cote de Pablo) and Tony DiNozzo (played by Michael Weatherly). Ever since the characters were introduced in the NCIS series their romance had uprooted. In real life too they ended up together after a long dilemma. Today you will get rid of one query whether Cote de Pablo is married to Michael Weatherly or not.

Is Cote de Pablo Married To Michael Weatherly ?

When Cote de Pablo First Met Michael Weatherly ?

Actress Cote de Pablo joins actor Michael Weatherly in the Season 3 of the NCIS series. It also brings up the best combination from the NCIS team. Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo pair got a new name from fans as a Tiva relationship. The chemistry of both put viewers engaged and the audience liked the story.

It was Season 13 which puts heartbreak to fans. The character of Ziva shown as killed by a mortar attack (though later it was revealing that Ziva is still alive). With this, the relationship comes to an end in a midway between Ziva & DiNozzo pair.

Is Cote de Pablo Returning To NCIS ?

What we know actress Cote de Pablo’s exit was not planned. In an interview with TV Line, she revealed that had makers gave her character a better choice she wouldn’t have left the show. She gave political reasons for her exit. She was unhappy with the script. She wanted more respect for the Ziva character. She also revealed that Ziva’s character was supposed to send her back to Israel and make her an unfortunate woman. Cote de Pablo thinks it was unfair to her character.

As per one local reporter in San Francisco asking whether she is coming back to the NCIS series or not, she simply skipped the question. On social media, there were few pictures published regarding the shooting of Michael Weatherly and fans thought it’s from NCIS’s upcoming episode. But, as we said below it’s from CBS’s new project MIA shooting. So far what we know Cote de Pablo is not returning to NCIS yet as she is busy with MIA.

Actress Cote de Pablo didn’t make it clear about her NCIS exit reason. In a media interview, she said, “I am not ready to talk about that yet. One day I will reveal. I was neither tired nor wanted to leave the series. Actually, I didn’t have an option.” For further detailed updates you can check here why did Cote de Pablo leave the NCIS show ? [Updated on 31st December 2022].

Is Cote De Pablo Married To Michael Weatherly

Are Cote de Pablo & Michael Weatherly Friends ?

Both, actress Cote de Pablo and actor Michael Weatherly had a strong friendship outside the show too. Fans got excited with one incident of Michael Weatherly. When he deleted his Twitter account that Cote de Pablo was with him to watch his last episode from the NCIS series. On 16th May he tweets, “Thank you and I love you all. Cote is here with me now.”

Are Ziva and Tony Friends In Real Life ?

Both the characters Ziva (Cote de Pablo) and Tony (Michael Weatherly) may have left the NCIS show but they are still friends in real life. Actress, Cote de Pablo who played the role of Ziva from Season 3 to 11, had been caught with Michael Weatherly’s NCIS viewing party to watch Tony’s final moments. It suggests she has a soft corner for him.

Is Cote de Pablo Married To Michael Weatherly ?

Now everyone has a query is Cote de Pablo married to Michael Weatherly? The answer is yes. Michael Weatherly is married but not with his co-star and lovable friend Cote de Pablo. He married to Bojana Jankovic (who is a medical practitioner). Both, Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo remain as close friends. You can also check to whom Cote de Pablo is married too.

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