What Is Cote de Pablo Doing Today ?

Without any doubt, fans are desperately missing one of the blockbuster romantic pairs not only in TV Series but also in real life. Yes, we are talking about actress Cote de Pablo and actor Michael Weatherly. Even since the character Ziva ended in the NCIS Series, the audience dying to know what is Cote de Pablo doing today. So, we will try to give you exclusive details on what is Cote de Pablo doing now.

What Is Cote de Pablo Doing Today ?

Where Does Cote de Pablo Currently Live ?

Did you know that Cote de Pablo is currently residing in San Francisco, California in the United States? Even though she left the NCIS series 8 years ago, her fan base has remained unwavering.

What Is Cote de Pablo Doing Today ?

Now the question in everyone’s mind is where is she performing today ? According to IMDb, right now she is busy in a new project MIA (Detective Drama) along with Michael Weatherly which is also under CBS network production. NCIS lead actress is also the joint producer. Today she is performing on this project.

What Is Cote de Pablo Doing Today

Good news for all Cote de Pablo fans as the first schedule of Detective Drama MIA has been completed. She is working hard on this project. She is gearing up for the second schedule of this project. She also celebrated her 43rd birthday a few days ago. Unfortunately, she didn’t share any pictures of that celebration in the media house so far. [Updated on 15th November 2023].

After completion of the first schedule, today she began the second schedule of MIA (Detective Drama). The second schedule is taking place near Atlanta. As many as four scenes were completed in the second schedule. Approximately 15 to 20 members were present during the workout. [Updated on 27th November 2023].

Cote de Pablo is back to her fitness workout. Recently, she has passed all her tests for Cervical Cancer for the time being. The former NCIS lead actress had been seen doing Yoga (Lotus Pose) & (Triangle Pose) at her home. She needs to remain fit and exercise as much as possible. Hope she will soon join her professional work. [Updated on 1st January 2024].

She also enjoyed the New Year celebration a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, she didn’t share any pictures of that celebration in the media house so far. As per the closed source, Michael Weatherly, and a few female friends of Cote de Pablo was present at that celebration. [Updated on 8th January 2024].

Cote de Pablo is coming back to Hollywood after a long break. She has already signed a new short film The Crossing. The movie will be directed by Roxanna Lewis. The former lead actress of the NCIS Series will play the character of Renata in the short movie The Crossing. The movie also stars Paul Magliato and Maria J. Glorioso respectively. The Crossing has been directed by writer Roxanna Lewis. The movie had been completed and we are waiting for its release date. [Updated on 15th January 2024].

The salary of Cote de Pablo has dipped in the last few years due to her treatment. This short movie might help her financially as well as to get accustomed again to the Hollywood industry. Meanwhile you check here some unseen hot pictures of Cote de Pablo. [Updated on 19th February 2024].

Good news is flowing for Cote de Pablo fans as they might get a chance to see her favorite actress again on the NCIS Series. According to the latest report by The Hollywood Reporter, both Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly will again play their roles of Ziva and Tony respectively. Paramount+ has already signed 10 episode series.

According to FORBES, both will also serve as executive producers alongside John McNamara who wrote the premiere episode and will serve as showrunner. Laurie Lieser, Christina Strain, and Shelley Meals will also remain as executive producers. Stay tuned for further updates. [Updated on 19th May 2024].

Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly, former stars of NCIS and upcoming stars of the spinoff NCIS : Tony & Ziva, are launching a Spotify video podcast called “Off Duty : An NCIS Rewatch,” as reported by TV Line. In each weekly episode, de Pablo and Weatherly will rewatch iconic NCIS episodes and invite a special guest to join them.

Actress Cote de Pablo has made a long-awaited appearance in the media and in front of the audience. She was seen in the first episode of Off Duty: NCIS Rewatch, alongside Michael Weatherly and Sasha Alexander, available on Spotify. [Updated on 11th June 2024].

News is coming that both Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly attended the Montecarlo ‘Festival de la television’ this weekend. Both were seen together on the Monte Carlo Blue Carpet yesterday (14th June 2024).

What Is Cote de Pablo Doing Today

Stay tuned for further updates. [Updated on 15th June 2024].

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