Why Did Cote de Pablo Leave NCIS Show ?

Few mysterious things occur in today’s life. One of those is the departure of Cote De Pablo from the NCIS series. Fans are still looking for the answer as to why did Cote de Pablo leave NCIS show.

Actress Cote De Pablo played the character of Ziva David in the NCIS series. She left the series way back in 2013 but her absence still hurting fans. She had been missed by fans very much. Not only producers, co-stars and fans, but even media channels are also too shocked and confused about her departure from the series. Today, you will know some facts as to why did Cote de Pablo leave the NCIS show.

Why Did Cote De Pablo Leave NCIS Show

Recently, in a TV interview on asking as to why she left the NCIS series, she gave a confused reply. As per her quote, “I left it for a personal reason. It’s my decision to leave. I don’t want to make it public as it’s personal.”

From the above quote, it’s clear actress Cote De Pablo doesn’t want to reveal as to why she left the CBS drama. But, one thing is clear it’s a personal issue that forces her to this decision.

Now, what can personal issue be ? Is her relationship? You already know actress Cote De Pablo had a long relationship with actor Diego Serrano. She is also in a relationship with Michael Weatherly. These two relationships also make confusion among fans who is Cote de Pablo married to.

Why Did Cote de Pablo Leave NCIS Show ?

Though producers saying completely different. As per the latest information from Daily Express, Cote De Pablo charged more money for the NCIS series. NCIS producers increased her amount on her demand. But still, she was not satisfied and charged a further amount. That concludes to a hard decision by makers to leave her from the series. The actual charge of Cote De Pablo for the NCIS series is given here. There is one more TV interview where actress Cote De Pablo revealed something different. As per her, she left the CBS drama because of politics from the producers and writers of the show. She was unhappy about the character Ziva’s script.

She said in the interview in the following words, “They want to send my character Ziva back to Israel and make it sad and more miserable. I said to them why do I leave when everyone is watching me on the show. I think it’s unfair. So I said to them unless someone can write a proper script for Ziva’s character I won’t come back in the NCIS series. Due to some political issues and lack of proper script I choose to stay away from the series. I loved the character Ziva David. I don’t want to waste this character just for a few bucks. So I skipped it long ago.”

Meanwhile, according to FORBES, actress Cote de Pablo will be seen in a yet to be named new NCIS show. Paramount+ planned a 10-episode series where both fan favorites character Ziva & Tony will again play their respective roles. [Updated on 11th May 2024]. Meanwhile you check the latest updates of Cote de Pablo below.

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