Unseen Cote De Pablo Hot Pictures

Did you know why actress Cote De Pablo becomes a favorite of fans ? If you look at her past pictures, interviews and event photos the thing will be clear. Cote De Pablo was the leading actress in the NCIS series for 8 back to back years. There were many unseen hot pictures of Cote De Pablo that fans may have missed. Let’s check those hot pictures of Cote De Pablo.

Cote De Pablo Hot Pictures

After playing the character of Ziva David for 8 consecutive years in the NCIS series, fans felt the absence of her when she left the series. It was noticed further in Season 17 when she came back as a guest appearance. But her hotness remains as it is which can be seen from the below picture.

In CBS series THE DOVEKEEPERS, she played the role of Shirah. Believe it or not, she looked glorious. You will surely love Shirah’s pictures. In an interview before the Malta shoot, she explained in her words how thrilled she was. According to her, “I am in love that shooting an epic story on love and passion. It will be two and a half months shooting in Malta.”

Actress Cote De Pablo earlier revealed her body fitness mantra. As per her Yoga is bigger than Fresh fruit juice and the ocean. She reveals if she gets a chance to choose one between Ocean, Fruit Juice and Yoga, she will overlook the ocean and fresh fruit juices. You can see the body fitness pictures of Cote De Pablo and realize how yoga played it’s part in her life.

Actress Cote De Pablo worked beside several actors in the NCIS series. She was never involved in a friend relationship with anyone of them. She always treated them as brothers. Though, her relationship life was a bit upsetting one. She breaks up with her former boyfriend Diego Serrano. You can also check some rare pictures of Diego Serrano and Cote De Pablo together.

Meanwhile, controversy and upsetting relationship life couldn’t stop her fan following. Cote De Pablo is not available on social sites which is very rare for an actress nowadays. Despite not being present in social sites, it hardly stops her popularity among the media channels. With the new NCIS season to start, the main query among fans is will Ziva be back for NCIS Season 19 or not.

What Is Cote de Pablo Famous For ?

We all know Cote de Pablo is not only famous for her hot pictures and poses but also for the strong character of Ziva David in the NCIS Series. She was also noticed in movies such as The 33, The Last Rites of Ransom Pride, The Jury (TV Series), and lots more.

What Happened With Cote de Pablo ?

Nothing has happened with Cote de Pablo. She was dissatisfied with the treatment of her famous character Ziva, when she left the NCIS show. According to Screenrant, she had a major cultural impact on Ziva’s character (strong Israeli woman). Her presence as a main cast member on a popular American TV show brought attention to facilitating fair representation in media.

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