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As soon as someone asks you to message on WhatsApp, first you have to save its number and then go to WhatsApp and refresh the contact, but now you will not have to do so much to save a number, because now you will be able to save the WhatsApp number by scanning the QR … Read more

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If you ask fans who is the favorite character of the NCIS Los Angeles series, probably the maximum reply will come as Kensi. We all know how versatile the character Kensi is in the NCIS Los Angeles Series for consecutive 12 seasons. Daniela Ruah played the character of Kensi Blye. She was born in City … Read more

Daniela Ruah Confirms Huge Career Change After NCIS Los Angeles Series Cancellation

Daniela Ruah Confirms Huge Career Change After NCIS Los Angeles Series Cancellation

Daniela Ruah confirms huge career change after NCIS Los Angeles Series cancellation. NCIS Los Angeles leading lady Daniela Ruah has announced she’s swapping her Special Forces title for a lighter role when the show comes to an end. NCIS Los Angeles Series is a massive hit ever since it premiered 14 years ago. CBS network … Read more

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It’s nice to feel when your nation wins any big event. No matter whether you are a common person or a celebrity, it always makes you feel proud when your country wins something big. Actress Daniela Ruah had the same sort of feeling three years ago during the Eurovision Song Contest final. In 2017, Salvador … Read more

What Is With Daniela Ruah’s Right Eye ?

Daniela Ruah's Eyes Secret

If you ask fans who is your favorite female character from NCIS Los Angeles series apart from HETTY ? Without any doubt, majority of fans will say Kensi….Kensi…..and only Kensi. The character Kensi played by actress Daniela Ruah. It had been said earlier that she is an all-rounder. From her style to look to personality, … Read more

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