Who Is Cote De Pablo Married Too ?

Actress Cote De Pablo left the NCIS series in 2013. Before leaving the series fans became mad of character Ziva which was played by actress Cote De Pablo. Viewers invented and got the news that Ziva David’s character is still alive and becomes sure that she is certain to return in the series. This news put both fans and media channels to highlight the character of Ziva David. Everyone wants to know more about her. The big question coming into everyone’s mind that who is Cote De Pablo married too ?

Who Is Cote De Pablo Married Too ?

First of all, to answer fans query Cote De Pablo is not currently married. She was in a deep relationship with actor Diego Serrano. Though Cote De Pablo never got what other superstar actress achieved. Apart from the NCIS series, she tried to make a mark in acting but that hardly pays off. But, her recent cameo in Season 16 makes a chance that she might come back from next season. That could make her career again in the limelight.

Who Is Cote De Pablo Married Too

Is Cote de Pablo Dating Or Engaged To Anyone ?

Coming back again to her relationship life fans are desperate to know whether Cote De Pablo is married or not ? To whom she is dating now? Right now there is a controversy as well as a rumor among fans that Cote De Pablo had already married a few years ago. Since she is a model turned actress which can be confirmed by seeing her unnoticed top pictures and may have kept this secret in front of media channels.

But, so far there is no official confirmation on this rumor. Both Cote De Pablo and Diego Serrano began dating in the year 2000. After staying together for 15 long years, they closed this relationship. Interestingly, neither of them cleared as to why they ended their relationship.

Who Is Cote de Pablo Partner ? Cote de Pablo Relationships

Generally, marriage also doesn’t stand for so long years. Here, actress Cote De Pablo enjoyed 15 years long relationship with Diego Serrano. You have already watched Cote De Pablo and Diego Serrano rare pictures together. May be she realized what marriage can hamper her career in the long run. If you don’t know then actress Cote De Pablo’s career started in Chile. Co-incidentally this is the place where she studied.

In the 2004 drama THE JURY, actress Cote De Pablo was leading cast. From that time she was attached with one special guy for 11 long years. Many fans also thought that she linked up with an American actor and finally settled in Los Angeles. But, ultimately she changed her mind and lived with actor Diego Serrano.

There was also a rumour speeded among fans that Cote De Pablo and Michael Weatherly were married in real life and kept this secret from media channels. Since both Ziva David and Tony had a strong relationship for many years this probability arises.

To confirm their status, it’s a complete rumour. Both are still close friends. After Diego Serrano and Cote De Pablo break up in 2015 the relationship between Cote De Pablo and Michael Weatherly started new speculation among fans. Soon both of them producing a CBS series called MIA together.

In an interview actress, Cote De Pablo PRAISED Diego Serrano. She said, “Serrano managed to keep me from the most boring person in Los Angeles city. She taught me how to enjoy a life extra after becoming conservative.”

Is Cote de Pablo Married ?

Right now actress Cote De Pablo is single. She is keeping it quiet as per the new relationship goes. Her main focus right now is on career rather than relationship. Whatever damage Cote De Pablo received after she left the NCIS series way back in 2013 now there is a chance to regain back everything.

Fans are super excited as the character of Ziva is still alive which may be clear in the Season 17 of the NCIS series. Actress Cote De Pablo trying its best to regain her Stardom back and stay out from any distractions which are occurring due to her relationship. We have already seen with other actresses how relationship, family and kids had left their careers in downfall.

There is a rumor going on in the media that Cote de Pablo and Mark Harmon had a secret relationship during that time. But, we have no official truth regarding this fact. They were just close professional workers in the NCIS set.

The former leading NCIS actress praised Mark and said, “He’s always been a father figure to me. Obviously, Ziva and Gibbs have that but Cote and Mark have that, too!” she gushed. “We went through something incredible years of working closely.”

Is Ziva & Tony From NCIS Married In Real Life ?

In real life, both Ziva (played by actress Cote de Pablo) and Tony (played by actor Michael Weatherly) are involved in a romantic relationship for several years. However, as per Michael Weatherly, both are just friends and have not been romantically linked. Having said that Michael had relationships with other famous actresses. You can also go through here why did Cote De Pablo leave the NCIS show.

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