Why Daniela Ruah Says Kensi Blye’s Powerful Arc Exposed Her Sad Reality ?

Daniela Ruah unlocked knowledgeable by virtue of what she commit relate to NCIS LOS Angeles’s Kensi Blye accompanying her “dangers” as a silent. She mirrored on Kensi Blye’s knowledge of maternity, suggest her own “anxieties”. The big question is why Daniela Ruah says Kensi Blye’s powerful arc exposed her sad reality.

Why Daniela Ruah Says Kensi Blye’s Powerful Arc Exposed Her Sad Reality ?

In last season we saw that both Kensi Blye and Marty Deeks started to believe that they might never become parents of their own as Kensi struggled to get pregnant. So, both welcome teenager Rosa Reyes (played by Natalia Del Riego) into their home from foster.

According to Daily Express, Daniela Ruah talked openly about the NCIS Los Angeles storyline and what she enjoyed and can relate to the character Kensi.

As per Daniela Ruah, “What I think has been fun to play has been Kensi’s insecurity and with that I can connect with. When you become a parent, my kids are still young; I don’t have teenagers, so that’s me dealing with a teenager for the first time”.

The former leading lady of NCIS Los Angeles Series continued : “I have to imagine what it would be like but I’m also raising my children from a young age so I know who they are, I know they’re likes and dislikes, I know how they like to be spoken to when they’re upset or want proximity or space. When you adopt a teenager, they have their very own formed personality that you have to give them the space to allow you in and show you who they are.”

Daniela Ruah expressed her disappointment by following the lines. According to her, “But it’s fun to play Kensi as an insecure parent. ‘Am I doing it right ? Am I not doing it right ? Oh my god, am I doing too much ? Am I doing enough ? And that I can totally relate to as a parent of children, you want to be there for everything but you want to give them the space to be independent as well so it’s a fine line.”

We all know Daniela Ruah has two children – River Isaac Ruah Olsen (10 Year Old Son) & Sierra Esther Ruah Olsen (7 Year old Daughter). Her husband David Paul Olsen is the elder brother of co-star Marty Deeks (played by Eric Christian Olsen).

The Season 14 finale of the NCIS Los Angeles Series finished with a surprise climax that also made audiences emotional. Kensi found that she was pregnant, with herself, Deeks and Rosa overjoyed to longer their family.

Unfortunately, the 14th Season was announced earlier so the audience won’t be able to view how they take care of the upcoming baby. Daniela Ruah has since been busy elsewhere, having worked on a new project away from the world of the NCIS Los Angeles Series.

She had been seen in the Portuguese Drama Turn of the Tide which was released earlier this year. It’s still unclear what will be her next Hollywood flick. Meanwhile, you check below some untold facts of Kensy Blye from the NCIS Los Angeles Series.

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