Untold Past Of Kensi Blye From NCIS Los Angeles

Kensi Blye is the lead female character played by actress Daniela Ruah on the NCIS Los Angeles series. She is a junior field agent in NCIS special projects team at Los Angeles. She was born in San Diego, California. The character Kensi was first introduced in the NCIS episode BACKDOOR PILOT. She joins the office of a special project at Los Angeles from 2009 onward. The character Kensi Blye looks simple and straight forward. But, it’s not so. There is a lot of mystery and struggle behind this character. Today, you will be aware on a few untold past of Kensi Blye from the NCIS Los Angeles series.

The full name of Kensi is KENSI MARIE BLYE. Kensi was originally named “Kensi Lo”. She came from a family of U.S. Marine Corps. The full form of USMC is United States Marine Corps which is also known as United States Marines. It’s a branch of U.S. Armed Forces who are responsible for conducting an amphibious and expeditionary with the U.S Navy, Army and Air Force together. Those who don’t know for them, U.S. Marine Corps is one of the 8 uniformed services of the United States of America.

When Kensi Blye joins the NCIS special project team at Los Angeles she still drives to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton every weekend. For fans awareness, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is the major West Coast base of the U.S. Marine Corps. It’s also the largest Marine Corps base in the United States of America.

Kensi Blye can speak in Portuguese, French and Spanish fluently. Now fans will laugh on this fact as Daniela Ruah itself is from Portugal so it’s obvious her character will know the Portuguese language.

But, you will be surprised to know that Kensi can lip read and know Morse Code. Now you will be thinking what is a Morse Code ? Actually, it’s a method used in telecommunication to encode text characters as standardized sequences of two different signal durations such as DOTS (.) and DASHES (-) or DITS and DAHS. Morse Code is named after the inventor of the telegraph Samuel Morse. Meanwhile, you can also check here why Daniela Ruah confirms a huge career change after the NCIS Los Angeles Series cancellation.

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