What Is Esme Olivia Olsen Doing Today ?

Fans are very much informed of actor Eric Christian Olsen and his wife Sarah Wright. But, there is hardly any update of her kids except for the social website Instagram where actress Sarah Wright sometimes shares pictures. Today, we will share with you the latest update on Eric Christian Olsen’s daughter Esme Olivia Olsen. We will also reveal what is Esme Olivia Olsen doing today.

Who Is Esme Olivia Olsen ?

Esme Olivia Olsen is a celebrity kid. People knew her as the daughter of NCIS Los Angeles star Eric Christian Olsen. Her nickname is Olivia.

Esme Olivia Olsen Age & Date of Birth

Esme Olivia Olsen was born on 9th August 2016 around 8.55 am. Her parents post this news on Instagram 5 years ago during birth. Currently, she is 6 years old child.

Esme Olivia Olsen Parents, Siblings & Family

Esme’s father Eric Christian Olsen is a popular NCIS Los Angeles actor. Her mother’s name is Sarah Wright. She has four siblings. Her elder brother’s name is Wyatt Oliver Olsen. She has one sister whose name is Winter Story Olsen. She has one cousin brother (River Isaac Ruah Olsen) and one cousin sister (Sierra Esther Ruah Olsen) respectively. Her uncle’s name is David Paul Olsen and actress Daniela Ruah is her aunt.

Who Is Eric Christian Olsen Married Too ?

For those who still don’t know, Eric Christian Olsen is married to Sarah Wright on 23rd June 2012. Both were living a happy married life.

How Many Children Eric Christian Olsen & Sarah Wright Have ?

Eric and Sarah have three children (two daughters & one son). Wyatt Oliver Olsen (Son) was their first child. Esme Olivia Olsen and Winter Story Olsen were both little daughters.

What Is Esme Olivia Olsen Doing Today

Esme Olivia Olsen Height & Weight

Esme is 3 feet 5 inches tall. Her height is 1.04 meters. She weighs around 15 Kg (33.06 Pounds). Her hair color is light orange with black color eyes.

What Is Esme Olivia Olsen Doing Today ?

Now you know Esme Olivia Olsen was born in 2016 so she is only 5 years old kid. Meanwhile, by relationship, Esme is the cousin sister of Sierra Esther Ruah Olsen. As you know both David Paul Olsen and Eric Christian Olsen is real-life brother. So, by relationship, David Paul Olsen is the uncle of Esme. Right now Esme is enjoying in beach shower along with her cousin sister Sierra. The whole Olsen family is there for vacation. Actress, Daniela Ruah a few hours ago shares the picture on social media. You can also check here what is Esme’s cousin sister Sierra is doing today.

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