Daniela Ruah Confirms Huge Career Change After NCIS Los Angeles Series Cancellation

Daniela Ruah confirms huge career change after NCIS Los Angeles Series cancellation. NCIS Los Angeles leading lady Daniela Ruah has announced she’s swapping her Special Forces title for a lighter role when the show comes to an end. NCIS Los Angeles Series is a massive hit ever since it premiered 14 years ago. CBS network said earlier that NCIS Los Angeles Series will come to an end with Season 14 itself. But, this will be not the end of actress Daniela Ruah as she already announced her next career assignment. So, fans can enjoy her continuously in the Television world.

Daniela Ruah Confirms Huge Career Change After NCIS Los Angeles Series Cancellation

Daniela Ruah, who has portrayed Kensi Blye in the NCIS: Los Angeles series since 2009, brought excitement to fans when she announced her upcoming role as a presenter.

She announced this exciting news on a social media platform, where she has millions of followers. She explained that she will soon be returning to the small screen as the presenter for the Portuguese version of The Traitors.

She unveiled exclusive details of her upcoming show on TV Channel SIC. Daniel Oliveira, CEO of SIC Entertainment, personally welcomed Daniela Ruah with a captivating Portuguese greeting, accompanied by a striking picture.

The statement read, “We are very pleased to have Daniela Ruah with us on this program at SIC. Daniela has the talent, energy, professional experience, and the right resources to adapt to the different narrative records that the format requires at its different stages. You’re as excited as we are about this program, which is being successfully produced all over the world.”

The announcement was followed by a statement from Daniela Ruah herself, which read : “I am very happy to accept this challenge from the SIC to introduce ‘The Traitors’. It will be a new experience for me, but above all, I’m excited to be back with the Portuguese audience.”

Fans flooded the star’s comment section with admiration and eagerly expressed their anticipation to see her on the upcoming reality show.

Fan Andre Nobre wrote – Looking forward to this new show, and even more so to have this national beauty back! What a beautiful woman Welcome you, Daniela Ruah.

A second Jose Da Palma echoed – I hope you have a lot of success, I believe so because you’re very professional and full of talent. A big kiss with lots of affection.

Another fan Faty Cardoso added – This is just a desire to come and make a criticism, the show hasn’t even started, no one has seen it but (some) people are already certain “more of the same” so let them at least start and then later they do what they like “CRITICS”.

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