Cote de Pablo Net Worth (January 2024) Updated

Actress Cote de Pablo nowadays concentrating on her career comeback. You have already seen sensational photos of Cote De Pablo. Today, we will reveal the actual net worth details of Cote de Pablo which has been updated for this month.

Cote de Pablo Net Worth

Cote de Pablo played the lead character of Ziva David in the NCIS series. It was in the year 2013 when she left the NCIS series. You can check here why Cote De Pablo leaves the NCIS show.

Some media channels had given the reason that her break up with Diego Serrano could be the reason for leaving the NCIS show. Alright, now we will reveal to you the real and actual income details of Cote de Pablo.

Who Is The Highest Paid Actor On NCIS ?

As usual actor Mark Harmon with 12.6 Million US Dollars remains the highest-paid actor in the NCIS series. Mark Harmon plays the role of Leroy Jethro Gibbs. For consecutive 19th Season, he has been signed by the CBS team. You will be shocked or surprised to know that Mark Harmon earns 525K US Dollars per episode from the NCIS series.

How Much Did Ziva Make Per Episode ?

Actress Cote de Pablo charged around 122K US Dollars per episode in the NCIS Series. Right now she is busy with her upcoming project. Stay tuned for up-to-date income information of Cote de Pablo.

Cote de Pablo Net Worth 2021

Actress Cote de Pablo has signed her new short movie The Crossing in the year 2021. That also puts changes in her salary. Below is the Cote de Pablo income of 2021.

Year 2021Cote de Pablo Salary
January10,000,000 $
February10,000,000 $
March9,800,000 $
April9,750,000 $
May10,000,000 $
June10,000,000 $
July9,500,000 $
August9,350,000 $
September9,400,000 $
October9,500,000 $
November9,250,000 $
December9,000,000 $

Cote de Pablo Net Worth 2022

First of all, there is no real information on actress Cote de Pablo’s income details on the whole internet. Whatever data you see on various websites is completely based on assumptions. One website publishes and others simply copy-paste it.

Actress Cote de Pablo was absent from Hollywood in the year 2022. She left work ever since dropping herself from the NCIS series in 2020. It also affects her income too.

The actual income of actress Cote de Pablo till 11th April 2022 was around 8.99 Million US Dollars. Her income has declined in the last quarter. It was expected as she had been suffering from severe disease. It stands at 7.55 Million US Dollars till 29th September 2022. It drops to 7.25 Million US Dollars by November 2022.

Year 2022Cote de Pablo Net Worth
January9,200,000 $
February9,000,000 $
March9,000,000 $
April8,990,000 $
May8,500,000 $
June8,250,000 $
July8,000,000 $
August7,750,000 $
September7,550,000 $
October7,300,000 $
November7,250,000 $
December7,500,000 $

Cote de Pablo Net Worth 2023

The salary of Cote de Pablo increased again after four months due to her latest work. The actual income till 9th March 2023 is around 8 Million US Dollars. It further increased in next four months. But, from last 4 months it again started decreasing due to lack of work. The new earnings of actress Cote de Pablo till 31st December 2023 is around 8.75 Million US Dollars.

Unchecked Delightful Images Of Cote De Pablo
Year 2023Cote de Pablo Net Worth
January7,800,000 $
February7,975,000 $
March8,000,000 $
April8,350,000 $
May8,500,000 $
June8,750,000 $
July9,000,000 $
August9,250,000 $
September9,150,000 $
October9,005,000 $
November9,000,000 $
December8,750,000 $

Cote de Pablo Net Worth 2024

The salary of actress Cote de Pablo suddenly jumped at the beginning of 2024. She will be part of various upcoming projects, so it’s obvious that her income is bound to rise. The new earnings of actress Cote de Pablo till 31st January 2024 are around 9 Million US Dollars.

Year 2024Cote de Pablo Net Worth
January9,000,000 $

You can go through this for all the latest news related to Cote De Pablo below.

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