Does Cote de Pablo Have Kids ?

NCIS fans had a deep heartbreak when their favorite character Ziva David played by actress Cote de Pablo left the show in the year 2013. From there onward it’s a big query among fans where is Cote de Pablo ? Since NCIS leading actress doesn’t have any social media platform like other actresses where we can get to know about her daily activities, so the query becomes a big inquiry among fans. So we will tell you what she is doing these days. We will also reveal does Cote de Pablo have kids.

Does Cote de Pablo Have Kids ?

Before we delve into Cote de Pablo’s current endeavors, it’s essential to address the prevailing rumor about her supposed baby. There is a significant rumor circulating in the media and among fans regarding Cote de Pablo’s alleged pregnancy. It’s quite preposterous to claim that she has a baby when she is not pregnant in the first place. Let’s set the record straight : Cote de Pablo does not have any children. Regrettably, certain media outlets are conflating the children of Ziva David, the character she portrayed, with her personal life, leading to confusion among readers and fans.

Who Did Ziva Have A Baby With ?

Actress Cote de Pablo is known for her captivating role as Ziva David in the renowned NCIS series. The Season 13 finale took a dramatic turn when Ziva was tragically killed in an attack orchestrated by former CIA Agent Trent Kort. This unexpected event revealed that Tony (Michael Weatherly) had a daughter named Tali with Ziva, prompting him to depart from NCIS in search of answers and to ensure the well-being of his daughter.

How Many Children Does Ziva Have ?

NCIS character Ziva David has only one kid in the form of a daughter (Tali). Anthony DiNozzo is the husband of Ziva David. She first appeared in the Season 3 premiere episode Kill Ari (Part 1). From the episode Silver War, she become the regular cast member of this series. You can also check here whether Ziva’s daughter Tali return to the NCIS series or not ?

Does Cote de Pablo Have Kids

Is Tali Ziva’s Real Daughter ?

So far what has been shown in the NCIS Series (Season 13 finale), Ziva died in a deadly pre-planned attack. After that, Tony got the news that he had a daughter with Ziva. So far more or less it’s clear that Tali is Ziva’s real daughter. We will get more clarification once the next season starts in the NCIS Series.

Cote de Pablo Pregnancy Rumor

Some media and web portals a few times ago gave the wrong information that Cote de Pablo was pregnant so she skipped the NCIS and others work. We are very close to the source of the actress and this news was completely baseless. She is not at all pregnant.

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