Exclusive Daniela Ruah On Her Birthmark

Everyone has his/her birthmark in it’s childhood. From that birthmark, we identify people. The case is similar to NCIS Los Angeles’s leading actress Daniela Ruah. Now you know that Daniela Ruah’s gorgeous eyes were her birthmark. In the last article, it has been explained that her one eye is darker than another. This is her birthmark. Speaking to a media channel Daniela Ruah elaborated on her birthmark.

Daniela Ruah Birthmark

She said, “It’s a birthmark called Nevus Of Ota. It covers the whole white portion of my eye and darkens it. The square of the eye (the white part) is completely dark on my right eye. It’s very common among Asian people. It doesn’t affect my vision.”

Daniela Ruah said further on her birthmark, “When my appearance gets photo-shopped it makes me crazy. This is my eye. My little trademark. Sometime in sets it creates slight obstruction when we are shooting sometimes they need to light my eye in a slightly different way otherwise it looks like a big shadow over me”.

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