Sarah Kohan Net Worth, Biography, Age, Husband & More

She is rich and talented. You will know it once we disclose her net worth and qualification. Today, we will reveal Sarah Kohan biography in front of you. We will tell you the estimated net worth of Sarah Kohan.

Sarah Kohan Net Worth, Biography, Age, Husband & More

Who Is Sarah Kohan ?

Sarah Kohan is a model and Moonstruck traveler. She is an adventurous girl. People know her as Javier Hernandez’s wife. She is very popular on Instagram with 1.3 Million Followers.

Where Is Sarah Kohan From ? Sarah Kohan Age & Date of Birth

According to FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS, Sarah Kohan was born on 6th March 1994, in Sydney, Australia. Currently, she is 30 years old.

Did Sarah Kohan Moved To London ?

By birth, Sarah lived in Sydney and later she moved to London.

Sarah Kohan Parents & Siblings

There is not much information available about Sarah’s parents. What we know is that her father was a surgeon and she lived with her brother in her childhood days.

Sarah Kohan Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Sarah is a Christian by religion with Australian Nationality. Her ethnicity is Caucasian.

Sarah Kohan Education

Sarah completed her High School at Kambala. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Law & Finance at the University of Notre Dame. After that, she joins Harvard University and Stanford University.

Sarah Kohan Hobby

Sarah from her childhood itself loves to paint. She is also an animal lover. She loves swimming and deep-sea diving.

Sarah Kohan Business, Profession, Career & Net Worth 2024

By profession, Sarah is a model. She was part of many brand endorsements as a model such as Kahos, Frankie, Elite London, Insanity Group, etc. She has her travel blog too. 6 years ago she started her career as a travel blogger. Sarah’s yearly income is close to 1.50 Million US Dollars. She earns from blogging, modeling, and brand endorsements. She also earns from Instagram where she has over 1.5 Million followers. The estimated net worth of Sarah Kohan is around 11 Million U.S Dollars.

Who Is Sarah Kohan Married To ?

As we said earlier Sarah is an adventurous girl. She is extra romantic. She started dating famous Mexican football player Javier Hernandez. It was Miami Beach in the U.S.A in 2018 when they were caught romancing. Their wedding took place in Santa Chula of California.

Everything was going right for her after marriage. Since she is extra romantic and loves to travel, it can be visible from her travel experience. She went on vacation to Italy. Sarah gave birth to two kids named Nala Hernandez and Noah Hernandez respectively.

But, a rift started between Sarah & Javier. Last year in February she files a divorce against her husband. There were so many reasons for her divorce file. As per Sarah, her husband Javier is careless about her children. She wanted 100K Dollars as maintenance for the children. She also blamed Javier for being forced into physical relationships every night. The divorce order is yet to come as the court’s decision is still pending.

Is Sarah Kohan Still With Javier ?

Last year, Sarah filed a divorce against Javier. After that, both lived alone. The divorce order is yet to come as Court’s order is pending. But, she is still with Javier on paper but not in real life.

Sarah Kohan Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Sarah is 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her height is 1.68 Meters. She weighs around 60 Kg (132.27 Pounds). She has a black eyes with brown hair. She is perfect for modeling due to her top-class physical fitness which shapes her body superbly. Her bra size is 32 inches. Her waist and Hip sizes were 25 and 32 inches respectively.

Sarah Kohan Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

Sarah Kohanhas lost 5 kg weight during the last month. She is doing aerobics to remain fit and healthy. So far her health is perfectly all right.

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