Elisa Beristain Biography, Age, Net Worth, Weight Loss, Husband & Kids

People were very much aware of Mexican Musician Pepe Garza but they knew little about his wife Elisa Beristain. Today we will discuss Elisa Beristain Biography, age, net worth, Wikipedia, weight loss, husband & kids.

Elisa Beristain Biography, Age, Net Worth, Weight Loss, Husband & Kids

Who Is Elisa Beristain ?

Elisa Beristain is a well-known Mexican actress. She is known for movies like Rica Famosa Latina (2014), Chisme en Vivo (2020) and Rica la Noche (2015). She is also a TV Personality. People know her as the wife of Pepe Garza.

Elisa Beristain Age & Date of Birth

Elisa Beristain was born on 11th July 1972, in Mexico City, Mexico. Currently, she is 51 years old.

Elisa Beristain Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Elisa is a Christian by religion with Mexican Nationality. Her ethnicity is mixed. She is of Mexican/American descent.

Elisa Beristain Education

There is very little information regarding her education. What we know is that Elisa has completed her school life education in Mexico City in a local private school. She graduated from The University of New Mexico.

Elisa Beristain Profession & Career

By profession, Elisa is an actress. She debuted in Hollywood with the TV Series Rica Famosa Latina in 2014. Her last TV Series Chisme en Vivo released 2 years ago. So far she has been part of 4 Hollywood TV Series to date.

Elisa Beristain Husband & Kids

Elisa Beristain married famous musician Pepe Garza in 1988. Both shared their household activities equally. She has two daughters named Ivanna Garza Beristain and Isabella Garza Beristain respectively. The whole family lives together happily.

Elisa Beristain Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Elisa is 5 feet 5 inches tall. Her height is 1.65 meters. She weighs around 66 Kg (145.50 Pounds). Her hair color is blonde with blackish-blue eyes. She has a curvy body with measurements of 38-27-32 inches.

Elisa Beristain Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

Elisa Beristainhas gained 3 kg weight during the last month. She is doing occasional walking to remain fit and healthy. So far her health is satisfactory. She is suffering from High Blood Pressure and Diabetes.

Elisa Beristain Net Worth 2023

Elisa is in the Hollywood industry for the last 8 years or more. But she is very selective and only appeared in four TV Series. But her main source of income is from YouTube and Instagram. In both the places together she had over a Million of followers. The estimated net worth of Elisa Beristain is around 6 Million US Dollars.

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