Who Is Bob Whitfield Married To ?

These days NFL is in full swing in the United States of America. Due to Covid 19, it was bogged down sometimes. Today we will be talking of one former NFL player who was more in the headline not for his profession but due to his relationship. He is none other than Bob Whitfield. Today we will reveal who is Bob Whitfield married to.

Who Is Bob Whitfield Married To ?

Who Is Bob Whitfield ?

Bob Whitfield is a former American National Football league player. He played for New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons. He is the founder of Patchwerks. People also know him as the ex-husband of Sheree Whitfield which we will discuss later. His real name is Bob Lectress Whitfield III. His nickname is Head Butt Bob.

Bob Whitfield Age & Date of Birth

Bob Whitfield was born on 18th October 1971, in Carson, California, United States of America. Currently, he is 52 years old.

Bob Whitfield Nationality, Ethnicity & Religion

Bob is an American by birth and belongs to African American ethnicity. His religion is Christian.

Bob Whitfield Education

Bob completed his school education at Phineas Banning Senior High School. He graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Economics in 2012.

Bob Whitfield Profession & Career

By profession, Bob is a former NFL player. He started his career with Atlanta Falcons from 1992 to 2003. From 2004 onwards he started playing for Jacksonville Jaguars. He joins New York Giants in 2006. On 12th February 2007, he announced his retirement.

His career is yet not finished. Apart from the NFL he has a lot of things to do in his life. He is the founder and C.E.O of Patchwerks which was established in 1993. The studio has recorded more than 500 gold and platinum albums. Bob also serves as a sports analyst on Sky Sports, Local Atlanta Television, and Radio for the UK’s NFL overage. On 11th November 2011, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame of Stanford University.

Bob Whitfield Height, Weight & Body Complexion

Bob is 6 feet 5 inches tall. His height is 1.96 meters. He weighs around 144 Kg (318 Pounds). He has black hair and eyes.

Bob Whitfield Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

Bob Whitfield has gained 6 kg weight during the last month. He is doing daily exercises in the gym to remain fit and healthy. So far his health is satisfactory. He is suffering from High Blood Pressure.

Bob Whitfield Net Worth 2023

We know you are very much excited to know the current net worth of Bob Whitfield. The estimated net worth of former NFL player Bob Whitfield is around 15 Million US Dollars. His retirement was quite surprising for the fans otherwise figure should have jumped four to five times. He earned a lot of revenue for playing at a high level for over a decade. He also has houses and cars, which he has placed on rent.

What Does Bob Whitfield Do Now ?

Outside of NFL Bob Whitfield owns a recording studio in Atlanta called PatchWerk Recording Studios. PatchWerk has helped record and produces more than 600 gold and platinum albums including some by artists such as OutKast, Nelly, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Whitney Houston, and many more. He is busy nowadays in the studios.

Does Bob Whitfield Has Any Insurance Cover ?

So far there is no information regarding Bob’s insurance cover. What we know is that he made Health Insurance for his four kids Kodi, Kairo, Kaleigh, and Tierra respectively.

Who Is Bob Whitfield Married To ?

As we said earlier Bob remains in the headline not because of his playing profession but due to his relationship status. You will know now when you look into his relationship life. Bob has had two unsuccessful marriages in his life.

Euraddel White was Bob’s first wife. Their wedding took place before 1990. We don’t have the exact date of the wedding. In 1994, both separated. The reason was Bob was in an extra-marital relationship with Sheree Whitfield.

It was in 1993 when Bob still had a wife Euraddel, he falls in love with Sheree. Both dating each other. After divorcing Euraddel in 1994, Bob was in the open sky. He falls deeply in romance with Sheree. As a result, Sheree become pregnant twice in 1996 and 1999. Despite his abusive nature Bob agreed to marry Sheree in the year 2000. Both tied the knot on 10th June 2000. But, 7 years later they separated.

Sheree said on several occasions that she had been in an abusive relationship.  However, Bob refused her allegations and suggested it was a case of malice from Sheree. Finally, the court ordered Bob to pay child support for all children. So, now you understood how unsuccessful is Bob Whitfield’s married life.

Bob Whitfield Children or Kids

Bob Whitfield has four children or kids. One (Kodi, born on 17th May 1994) from his first wife Euraddel White. Three more (Kairo, Kaleigh, and Tierra) from his second wife Sheree Whitfield.

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