Will Ziva And Tony Rejoin In NCIS Season 19 ?

We all know actress Cote De Pablo (who is playing the character of Ziva David) was seen in some episodes during the last season of the NCIS series. Fans were very happy after seeing her presence in the series. Some fans wanted to see her back along with actor Michael Weatherly (who played the character of Tony DiNozzo) felt a bit unhappy. It put up a query in the media will Ziva and Tony rejoin in NCIS Season 19.

Makers have given some hint of their reunite in the upcoming season. You have already witnessed how Ziva warn Leroy Gibbs (a character played by Mark Harmon) and the whole team about a terrorist threat last season. It was a complete shocker for not only viewers but also the whole team in the series that Ziva is still alive and not dead.

Viewers were hoping that Ziva and Tony will rejoin again in the NCIS season 19. But, it was a completely different story altogether so far. After her accomplished mission, she returned to the home in Paris. There she joins Tony.

But, fans can still hope for the best as makers already given a hint of Ziva-Tony rejoins in Season 19.

As per one of the executive producers of the NCIS series, Gina Lucita Monreal, “It was a big happy moment for us to have Cote De Pablo back in the team. I to fan of this show. There was a huge query as to why did Cote De Pablo leave the NCIS show. It will be a bit relaxing for us too to get some answers to this query from directly to her voice which will also be relevant to the upcoming storyline.”

Another executive producer Cardea said, “The return of Ziva in last season is not the end of her role in the series. It was a great experience working with her. She too loves this experience. I will be very happy to see her more in the upcoming season. May be it could be with Tony.”

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As per the internal source, there were more stories to come between Ziva and Tony. It also confirms the reunion of Tony and Ziva together in Season 19. Fans are still guessing what could be the next story which we are unable to see for the time being. Viewers are still hoping for Tony and Ziva to reunite for Season 19 of the NCIS series. To make your mood fresh go through these unseen stunning pictures of Ziva David from the NCIS series.

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