Will Mark Harmon Return To NCIS Series Again ?

Lately, it has become a trend in the world of television to remove popular characters from TV series. This has been particularly noticeable in shows like NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles, where characters like Hetty, Kensi, Ziva, Tony, and others have been written off. Fans are also missing the character Leroy Jethro Gibbs, portrayed by the well-known actor Mark Harmon. There is speculation in the media about whether Mark Harmon will return to the NCIS series.

According to Screenrant, A CBS executive openly discussed the possibility of Mark Harmon returning to the screen as Leroy Jethro Gibbs in the evolving NCIS franchise. He was the face of NCIS for its first two decades, leading the original team in the main series. Although the franchise has continued after Gibbs’ retirement in NCIS season 19, he remains a fan favorite. As a result, discussions about his potential return have persisted.

In a recent interview with Deadline, CBS Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach discussed the possibility of Mark Harmon’s return in the midst of NCIS’ expansion, which includes two upcoming spinoffs. One of the projects, NCIS : Origins, will explore Gibbs’ early years at Camp Pendleton, with Harmon providing narration. However, it’s unclear whether he’ll appear in person.

According to CBS President Amy Reisenbach, “The door for Mark is always open, it’s really up to him. In terms of flash-forwards, I don’t think it’s something we’ve talked about, that doesn’t feel like the DNA of that show to me, at least right now. But you never know, when we’re in Season 10, we’re taking creative risks and having fun. So if that’s something Gina and David wanted to tackle down the road, we’d be open to it.”

Gibbs’ exit from NCIS fits his character and allows for a potential return. Ducky’s tribute episode in season 21 was a good time to bring him back, but Gibbs’ absence led to a surprise cameo from Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo.

Will Mark Harmon Return To NCIS Series Again ?

Now the big question is how Mark Harmon can make a return to the NCIS series.

In the future, NCIS could bring Gibbs back after his time in Alaska in a few different ways.

One option is to create a backdoor pilot for a new show called NCIS: Origins. The interconnected storytelling of the franchise allows for crossover episodes, and the original series has been a launching pad for spinoffs before. Bringing Gibbs back to his old office for a case that leads him to reflect on his early years at NCIS would be a perfect way to reintroduce him.

There is one more option. Consider the possibility of a special reunion for Gibbs, Tony, and Cote de Pablo’s Ziva. Although both former Special Agents have made appearances since leaving the show, they have yet to share the screen with their former leader and quasi-father again. Witnessing the three of them together once more would be an exceptional treat for dedicated viewers. This reunion could serve as a compelling springboard for the three ex-NCIS cast members before they embark on their respective spinoffs.

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