Tanhaji Opening

Why Tanhaji Opening Figure Is Different In Various Web Media

Jagat Shrivastava (UP) : Why Ajay Devgn’s Tanhaji opening day collection figure is different in various web portals ? Some website is giving 15 Crores and few posting 13 Crores. Which is correct ?

Answer : Tanhaji opening figure had exposed many web media on the 2nd day morning itself. The drama started in the opening night itself when estimation arrives. One famous Bollywood portal estimated 20-22 Crores nett opening. When the next day actual figure updated they simply delete the estimation due to embarrassment. The most bizarre thing was changing the figure frequently with every 6-12 hours by another prime trade site. During the night they come up with an estimation of 16 Crores nett. As soon as the official figure next morning came 15 Crores nett, within 5 minutes or so they posted the figure 14.50 Crores nett. In the evening they further recalculated with Territory figures and makes it 14.45 Crores nett. The drama continues after two weeks when they further recalculate the figure and make it 13 Crores nett plus. Maybe their estimation team is very weak in Maths or the source from which they got the figure deliberately given false numbers one after another. Whatever be the reason I am not going into this.

Now coming back to your question basically, most of the web medias has provided 15 Crores nett plus opening for Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior. Yes, there were very few sites that provided 13 Crores nett plus opening. Actually, it’s not their fault. It was said earlier in MEDIA GAB article that before Box Office calculation the main thing is how many Screens had been reported. For Example, if a movie released in 1000 Screens and if anyone is reporting 500 Screens, then it’s obvious the total figure will always come close to half of what other web media provide. In, Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior the same thing happens. Officially, it’s released in 3880 Screens on 1st day. Now if you count 3650 Screens then the final opening number should come around 1.50-2 Crores nett range less than actual figure as per Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior is a concern. Whatever figures you are seeing in both section of media are correct. Both, their figures are true. It’s the Screen Count which mainly varying. Here, also it’s not the mistake of those web portals who were giving less Screen count since they don’t have the reach to a wider level. To conclude your query below is the 13 Territories figures (in Crores Nett) of Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior for 1st day. It’s verified with AA Films figure who distributed this Ajay Devgn movie. For previous Audience Queries do follow this link – http://grababyte.in/category/bollywood/audience-queries/.

Mumbai7.72 Crores
Delhi NCR2.15 Crores
East Punjab0.83 Crores
CP Berar0.91 Crores
Central India0.35 Crores
Rajasthan0.68 Crores
Nizam0.84 Crores
Mysore0.39 Crores
West Bengal0.38 Crores
Bihar0.34 Crores
Odisha0.20 Crores
Assam0.16 Crores
Tamil Nadu0.15 Crores
Total15.10 Crores