What Is Renee Felice Smith Doing Now ?

The Season 12 of the NCIS Los Angeles series ends on a bit emotional note. The most cutest character of the team Nell Jones (played by actress Renee Felice Smith) says goodbye to the series. Fans get very emotional. They are still searching for the real reason behind this decision. They want to know badly why did Renee Felice Smith leaves the NCIS Los Angeles. We will also tell you what is Renee Felice Smith doing now.

What Is Renee Felice Smith Doing Now ?

The character Nell Jones is missing from the NCIS Los Angeles series this season but fans are still searching for her latest activities. She always shares her latest happening on social media channels now she came up with one important message.

We all know how fans get upset after her exit from the NCIS Los Angeles series. Fans are very much loving the character Nell Jones where she provided crucial information from each case that brings criminals down. Right now actress she is busy with her new assignment. Her upcoming short movie SOMEONE TO CARRY YOU is set for release later this year.

But recently she came up with a story on a portrait from Olivia Herrick’s design. Where it’s written “Good things take time. So please don’t give up.” This post means a lot to fans as they have shown their desire to see her character Nell Jones back in the NCIS Los Angeles series. Meanwhile, producers already said Nell’s character was given break since she is busy with her new project. She can come back anytime in the future.

Actress Renee Felice Smith is right now on a tour of vacation. But she didn’t forget her book HUGO and the IMPOSSIBLE THING. It completes 1 year. She celebrated this little moment along with fans on social media. She posted, “TODAY HUGO AND THE IMPOSSIBLE THING turns ONE ! Happy first book birthday to the boy who inspired it all, our fur child, Hugo. The first video was taken when Hugo had started acting like himself again after treatment. For anyone who has ever taken care of anyone who was gravely ill, you know the singular joy it brings to see them come back into their body. Nothing compares. Second video, Hugo’s first steps after his brain surgery at UC DAVIS. The incredible medial team, led by absolute rockstar head surgeon, Dr. Bev Sturges, performed a miracle. A GD MIRACLE. Third video, taken three months after Hugo had fully healed after surgery. My wild boy was back. The medical books said this should not have happened. Hugo had other ideas. We were fortunate enough to witness HUGO conquer the impossible. And we knew we had to share his inspiring tale with all of you. So…be like Hugo ! Be curious enough to ask the questions and courageous enough to try !”

Why Renee Felice Smith Leave NCIS Los Angeles Series

Actress Renee Felice Smith came up with her latest sunshine picture. She is on vacation and enjoying her life. Fans are waiting to see her back in the NCIS Los Angeles series. By posting a new picture, she gave a message to the fans as “Sunny days ahead”.

Actress Renee Felice Smith blasted social media with her latest appeal. In a big letter, she is raising her painful experience and voice against the corporate world. Renee Felice Smith has been a member of SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) since 2007 when she graduated from New York University, Tisch. Fans are very much aware that Renee Felice Smith was a regular member of the CBS Hit Show NCIS Los Angeles Series for the last 11 years. She played the popular character of Nell Jones that was liked by fans very much.

She expressed her painful experience in the following words. According to Renee Felice Smith, “I am sad to say, I have been a first-hand witness to the gradual eroding of protections for actors in all areas – compensation, residuals, and health insurance. The latter of which has most recently affected me. After working as a series regular on a hit network television show – over which time I paid nearly 100K in dues – the first year I was off the show I lost my health insurance despite earning a substantial amount in residuals for that same calendar year. I am writing today to implore you to take swift action and call for a Strike Authorization Vote before the fast-approaching TV/Theatrical contract negotiations set for June 7th. I believe SAG AFTRA needs to get some teeth and join the WGA, which has made it abundantly clear. Now is the time to show strength to achieve essential protections in our industry.” [Updated on 24th May 2023].

Why Renee Felice Smith Leave NCIS Los Angeles Series

Actress Renee Felice Smith is caught in a local bookstore promoting her book HUGO AND THE IMPOSSIBLE THING. She signed a bunch of copies of that book. She urges fans to buy it from the local bookstore in Brooklyn. One fan Frances Dixon purchased it and wrote on social media that it’s a good book. [Updated on 18th October 2023].

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