Why Paget Brewster Is So Rich ?

Generally, the woman marries elder people in her life. But rare case happens. American actress Paget Brewster is an exception. She married a guy who is 12 years junior to her. It’s more optimistic from the guy’s point of view as he married a 12 years older lady than him. The question which comes to everyone’s mind is why Paget Brewster is so rich.

Why Paget Brewster Is So Rich ?

Who Is Paget Brewster ?

Paget Brewster is an American actress and singer. She was first recognized for her recurring role as Kathy on the fourth season of the NBC sitcom Friends. She is a popular actress and so far has 89 credits to her name in Hollywood. Her real and full name is Paget Valerie Brewster.

Paget Brewster Age & Date of Birth

Paget Brewster was born on 10th March 1969, in Concord, Massachusetts, United States of America. Currently, she is 53 years old.

Paget Brewster Parents & Siblings

Actress Paget Brewster’s mother’s name is Hathaway Tew (Government Official). Her father’s name is Galen Brewster (School Administrator). Paget has one brother whose name is Ivan Brewster.

Paget Brewster Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Paget is a Christian by religion with American Nationality. Her ethnicity is white.

Paget Brewster Profession & Career

In the early days of her career, Paget used to host a late-night talk show by her name. She has done several movies, shows, and series. She becomes popular for her role as Special Agent Emily in the Criminal Minds. Agent Emily is the role that brought her to the critic’s eye. She played the role of Agent Emily for seven years, from 2006 to 2012. She also gained popularity from the role of Kathy on the fourth season of Friends, which is a sitcom on NBC. Her Hollywood list is very long. You can check it out below.

Paget Brewster Movies & TV Shows (As Actress)

Strange America (TV Series) (1993)

World on a String (1997)

Friends (TV Series) (1997-98)

Max Q (1998)

Ghost Cop (TV Series) (1998)

The Expert (TV Series) (1999)

The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000)

The Specials (2000)

One True Love (2000)

Desperate But Not Serious (2000)

Star Patrol! (2000)

Love & Money (TV Series) (1999-2000)

DAG (TV Series) (2001)

Skippy (2001)

Godzilla : The Series (TV Series) (1998-2001)

Raising Dad (TV Series) (2001)

The Trouble with Normal (TV Series) (2000-2001)

Last Dance (2001)

Hollywood Palms (2001)

Agent 15 (2001)

George Lopez (TV Series) (2002)

Now You Know (2002)

Andy Richter Controls the Universe (TV Series) (2002-2003)

Time Belt (TV Series) (2003)

The Snobs (2003)

Rock Me, Baby (TV Series) (2004)

Eulogy (2004)

Sunday Detective Film Theatre (2004)

Two and a Half Men (TV Series) (2005)

Man of the House (2005)

My Big Fat Independent Movie (2005)

Amber Frey : Witness for the Prosecution (2005)

Duck Dodgers (TV Series) (2005)

Drawn Together (TV Series) (2006)

Cyxork 7 (2006)

The Big Bad Swim (2006)

Huff (TV Series) (2004-2006)

Kidney Thieves (2006)

Unaccompanied Minors (2006)

Stacked (TV Series) (2005-2006)

A Perfect Day (2006)

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (TV Series) (2005-2007)

Lost Behind Bars (2008)

King of the Hill (TV Series) (2009)

My Life As an Experiment (2011)

Law & Order : Special Victims Unit (TV Series) (2007-2012)

Dan Vs. (TV Series) (2011-2013)

Modern Family (TV Series) (2013)

The Birthday Boys (TV Series) (2013)

Spy (2013)

Gumshoe (2014)

The Boondocks (TV Series) (2014)

Key and Peele (TV Series) (2014)

Saint Francis (2014)

Down Dog (2015)

The Venture Bros. (TV Series) (2013-2015)

Kroll Show (TV Series) (2015)

Thrilling Adventure Hour Live (2015)

Welcome to Happiness (2015)

Community (TV Series) (2014-2015)

Justice League : Gods and Monsters Chronicles (TV Series) (2015)

Moonbeam City (TV Series) (2015)

W/Bob and David (TV Series) (2015)

Uncle Nick (2015)

Gumshoe and Stiletto (2015)

Adventure Time (TV Series) (2014-2016)

Grandfathered (TV Series) (2015-2016)

Future-Worm! (TV Series) (2016)

Axis (2017)

Criminal Minds : Beyond Borders (TV Series) (2017)

Another Period (TV Series) (2015-2018)

Mighty Magiswords (TV Series) (2018)

The Witch Files (2018)

Harvey Birdman : Attorney General (2018)

Drunk History (TV Series) (2014-2019)

Mom (TV Series) (2019)

BoJack Horseman (TV Series) (2019-2020)

Criminal Minds (TV Series) (2006-2020)

Hollywood (2020)

Magical Girl Friendship Squad (TV Series) (2020)

DuckTales (TV Series) (2018-2021)

Birdgirl (TV Series) (2021)

American Dad! (TV Series) (2005-2021)

Paltrocast with Darren Paltrowitz (TV Series) (2021)

How I Met Your Father (TV Series) (2022)

Family Guy (TV Series) (2016-2022)

Hypochondriac (2022)

Alpha Betas (TV Series) (2021-2022)

How Many Languages Can Paget Brewster Speak ?

Paget mainly speaks in English. Some local channels reported that she can speak the German language too. We are not sure how true is this information.

Who Is Paget Brewster’s Husband ?

Paget Brewster’s husband is none other than musician Steve Damstra. She is 12 years older than her husband. You can go through here for the complete Biography of Steve Damstra.

Social Media Presence

Actress Paget Brewster is very popular on social media. On Instagram, she has over 475K Followers. It’s the Twitter platform where she is most popular with almost 515K Followers.

Paget Brewster Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Paget is 5 feet 8 inches tall. Her height is 1.73 meters. She weighs around 58 Kg (128 Pounds). Her hair color is golden with blue color eyes. She has a half-curvy body with measurements of 34-26-32 inches.

Paget Brewster Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

Paget Brewster has lost 2 kg weight during the last month. She is doing daily jogging and occasional workouts to remain fit and healthy. So far her health is satisfactory. She has Vitamin D deficiency.

Why Paget Brewster Is So Rich ?

You will be surprised to know that Paget Brewster is one of those rare actresses who is so rich. It makes a big query among fans why Paget Brewster is so rich. Her main source of income is her Hollywood career where she performed in almost 90 movies (including TV Shows).

Apart from Hollywood Paget also earns from Instagram where she posts on cooking products. Her latest cooking post Stuffed Peppers has been well received by fans. She also earns from Sponsored Tweets on Twitter. You already know how popular she is on the Twitter platform.

The estimated net worth of Paget Brewster is around 10.22 Million US Dollars. Very few actresses in Hollywood have over 10 Million US Dollars net worth. She achieved this feat through her long hard work.

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