Saaho 7th Week Collection

Why One Bollywood Trade Website Posted The Saaho 7th Week Collection Even Before The Shows Start On That Week?

Rajesh Ganapathi (Hyderabad) : Why one Bollywood trade website posted the Saaho 7th Week collection even before the shows start on that week? Who is behind this drama? Why should I trust that Web Portal for South India movie collection?

Answer : I understand which website you are talking about. Basically, that website has created a monopoly for the last 10 or years due to a lack of competition in the web world. But, I have protested it in my tweet 9 days ago. Below is the link to that Tweet.

This is not the first time that a particular web portal does these things. 6 to 7 months ago during the Ajay Devgn’s Total Dhamaal, they also exposed badly. Ajay Devgn fans were the best eye-witnesses of that drama. Yes, I totally agree with you that even before the shows start that website has put the whole seventh week collection number. This is a big Cyber Crime in the Web World also. Unfortunately, neither Team Saaho nor Actor Prabhas is aware of this fact as they hardly bother on this type of web portal who don’t have any proper office or government registered place where you can catch them.

Coming back to your second question, I think it was made by mistake by that team. Even that also it’s hard to believe that no one in that team rectified it despite my protest. It now puts real doubt on their capability also. Frankly saying the site was good for Hindi movies till 2016-2017. Then it changed the color. Some of it’s articles were totally over supporting one particular actor’s movie. Even though they felt ashamed of that too when reality doesn’t occur as per their wish. The worst thing is they hire few people who make fake id in social media like Twitter and constantly force neutral people to become a subscriber for their site. If anybody goes against them and points a question they simply use those fake ID’s with the help of that particular fan base (right now) and tries to give rubbish logic so that neutral peoples become their subscribers. If that doesn’t work for them then they take serious action with their money and power. Unfortunately, I too was a victim of their dirty power game. I was punished badly too for that also in social media like Twitter. But, they have forgotten that Twitter is 1/10th of Social media. The truth will be spread like Sunlight. No one can stop that and they too will be exposed in the coming days more and more.

Yes, for the South Indian movies you can simply avoid that site. I recommend Ramesh Bala Sir for South Indian movies. He is from the mass. If I am not wrong he is very much connected with a lot of Single Screens exhibitors. Multiplex collections can easily be tracked nowadays that’s not a big deal. At the same time, I won’t say that you should completely skip that site for Hindi movies. But, yes there are too many loopholes in that site. The old data’s were completely ridiculous. Some movies which were Hit they calling it Flop. Some, All Time Blockbuster movies they suddenly changed to Blockbuster. They are completely confused with the verdict system. The channel looks like run by any particular fan base. I personally talked to many old Exhibitors in West Bengal about old movies and when I came to know the reality of many old movies it really put a doubt on that particular site. The footfalls are completely fake for most of the movies that I can 100% assure you. In fact, fans too knows that. I will try to analyze that thing on any other day. For the time being it’s important to follow those people who are giving regular South Indian movie updates and who is officially connected to Exhibitors. Ramesh Bala Sir is the best choice for the South Indian audience right now.

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