Why NCIS Major Relationships Over The Past 16 Years Have All Been Slow Burns ?

While NCIS may not be considered a romantic show, it does feature compelling romantic relationships. One such relationship is between Jessica Knight and Jimmy Palmer, which breaks over a decade of series tradition. Like any police show, the interpersonal relationships between the characters are what make NCIS so appealing. Each character has significant and memorable moments throughout the season, including Jessica Knight in season 21. NCIS is renowned for its intensity and captivating storytelling, with the romantic relationships being a significant aspect of this. Today we will discuss why NCIS major relationships over the past 16 years have all been slow burns.

Why NCIS Major Relationships Over The Past 16 Years Have All Been Slow Burns ?

During its extensive tenure, NCIS has depicted various romantic relationships, with the most notable ones emerging among the primary characters of the NCIS team. Over its 20-year run, the show has had ample opportunity to delve into the personal lives of its main characters. Noteworthy among these relationships is the one between Dr. Jimmy Palmer and Jessica Knight in the 21st season, though it is speculated that Jessica Knight may depart in the upcoming season. Despite their popularity, this pair has also deviated from the typical mold of NCIS characters.

Knight & Palmer do not adhere to NCIS’ typical approach to relationships. Their unique and endearing dynamic sets them apart from others. Palmer and Knight first encountered each other in NCIS season 18, when Knight joined the team as a special agent. Their relationship initially developed from a friendship, but eventually evolved into a romantic involvement towards the end of season 19.

Why NCIS Major Relationships Over The Past 16 Years Have All Been Slow Burns

While workplace romances are not uncommon in NCIS, the relationship between Knight and Palmer stands out as it deviates from the usual slow progression seen in such dynamics. Unlike other NCIS relationships, the pair officially commenced dating merely a year after their initial meeting, which, in NCIS context, is considered unconventional.

Significantly, the inception of their relationship coincides with Gibbs’ departure from the series. This could either be coincidental or reflective of adherence to Gibbs’ rule to not engage in romantic relationships with colleagues – at least not in his presence. The pinnacle of their romance is reached in the season 20 episode Kompromat, wherein the couple displays public affection in front of their colleagues for the first time.

The major relationships depicted in NCIS over a span of 16 years have been characterized by a slow progression. These relationships often endured for years before culminating in official status. Notably, the pivotal NCIS relationship emerged in season 3 between Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo, establishing a precedent for subsequent NCIS couples.

This enduring and tormenting slow-burn romance endured through 16 years until season 18 unveiled the inception of Knight and Palmer’s relationship. Ziva and Tony’s relationship exemplifies a mystery-laden slow-burn romance, shrouded in uncertainty and secrecy for 15 years. It is worth noting that this narrative is set to unfold further in the forthcoming Tony & Ziva spinoff.

Another significant relationship unfolded between Nick Torres and Ellie Bishop, originating in season 14. Their interactions were marked by numerous flirtatious exchanges and conversations. However, Ellie’s departure in season 18 left their relationship unresolved. Comparable to Ziva and Tony, Nick and Ellie’s unfulfilled union embodies a slow-burn dynamic. The potential for an official coupling hinges on Ellie’s return to the NCIS team. Presently, their relationship remains open-ended.

Why NCIS Major Relationships Over The Past 16 Years Have All Been Slow Burns

In the culmination of NCIS season 21, Knight opted to pursue her ideal career opportunity, a decision that could potentially result in her departure from Alden Parker’s Major Case Response Team (MCRT). Although the show has not definitively confirmed her exit, the hypothetical outcome may signify the conclusion of Knight and Palmer’s relationship, particularly given Palmer’s initial distress upon hearing the news. Nevertheless, it would be prudent for NCIS to preserve their union, even if it necessitates maintaining a long-distance relationship.

Although NCIS is not predominantly a romantic series, the personal lives of its MCRT ensemble have evolved to become integral to its narrative, fostering sustained viewer engagement. Palmer has weathered notable personal losses in recent years, and it would be regrettable to witness the potential dissolution of his newfound romance due to Knight’s potential relocation across the country. The palpable bond between Knight and Palmer, coupled with the rapid evolution of their relationship, provides a strong indication that a long-distance arrangement could viably sustain their connection. NCIS should refrain from squandering the prospects embedded within Knight and Palmer’s dynamic for the sake of dramatic embellishment, given the show’s ample historic reserves of such narrative elements.

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