Why NCIS Lost The Top Spot For Most Watched TV Shows First Time In 5 Years ?

Did you hear the news ? NCIS, the long-running police show, has been replaced as the most-watched TV show after five years. NCIS premiered in 2003 and was born from the success of JAG. Even though it was technically a spinoff, the Navy Yard-based series has become wildly successful in its own right. It’s quite impressive that it has kept a loyal following for over two decades. Unfortunately, NCIS season 21 didn’t secure its sixth consecutive year as the most-watched series. Today we will try to analyze why NCIS lost the top spot for most watched TV Shows first time in 5 years.

Why NCIS Lost The Top Spot For Most Watched TV Shows First Time In 5 Years ?

According to a recent report from TVLine, NCIS managed to attract approximately 9.7 million weekly viewers. However, the long-running police procedural was surpassed by Tracker, a new CBS show that debuted during the delayed 2023-2024 season and secured an audience of 10.8 million weekly viewers. This marks the first time in five years that NCIS is not at the top of the most-watched series list.

NCIS is coming back for season 22, despite not being at the top of the list. This show has a strong following, and CBS knows it. They’re even introducing some exciting spinoffs with our favorite characters, like NCIS : Origins and NCIS : Tony & Ziva. Looks like there’s more to look forward to !

Don’t forget about the buzz surrounding “Tracker” for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it was the show’s debut year and premiered after the Super Bowl. Plus, Justin Hartley’s return to TV after the success of “This Is Us” added to the excitement. While “Tracker” is definitely interesting, it’s also important to consider other factors that likely impacted its performance. Let’s see how it stacks up against its peers, including “NCIS,” when the 2024-2025 TV ratings come out!

As per Screenrant, “Tracker has quickly risen to the top of the ratings chart as a new show without any ties to an existing successful brand. Its continued success in its second year is all but guaranteed, thanks to the captivating overall mystery alongside its procedural elements. Even if it doesn’t match its first season’s viewership, it’s sure to remain one of the most-watched shows, particularly on CBS, ensuring its continued success.”

When comparing NCIS to Tracker, it becomes apparent that CBS can support both shows simultaneously. Despite both having cases on a weekly basis, their underlying concepts are notably distinct. Consequently, it seems improbable that the network would cancel a well-established show solely due to its failure to lead the most-watched list for a sixth consecutive year.

The NCIS season 21 finale presented a relatively straightforward case for the MCRT, which some viewers found to be underwhelming for a show of its calibre. However, the episode offered two compelling storylines involving Director Leon Vance’s team members. Most notably, it introduced the mystery of Alden Parker’s connection to Lily, a woman he contacted while in a hallucinatory state following a serious injury on the boat. There is speculation that Lily could be the late sister of the MCRT leader, adding depth to the storyline.

Looking ahead to the future of “NCIS,” the fate of Jessica Knight could have a significant impact. In the finale, she received her dream job offer, which would necessitate her transfer to Camp Pendleton, potentially leading her to leave the team. Although she didn’t have much time to consider the offer, she decided to accept it, placing her relationship with Jimmy Palmer at risk. Whether she ultimately departs is uncertain, but if she does, it could create an opportunity for Jane Tennant to join “NCIS” following the conclusion of “NCIS Hawaiiā€¯.

The popular show “NCIS” currently stands as the third-longest-running scripted series on TV, positioning it just behind “Law & Order” and “Law & Order: SVU.” The fact that several spinoffs are in development suggests that the CBS procedural franchise is set to continue its successful run. Additionally, “NCIS” deserves recognition for its remarkable ability to retain nearly 10 million viewers despite major character departures, highlighting the unwavering support of its dedicated fan base.

In light of these factors, it’s evident that NCIS will likely remain on air for a significant period. CBS has a vested interest in keeping the show due to its popularity. The only scenario that could bring about its conclusion is if the show’s creators choose to wrap it up on their own terms. Until then, it has the potential to continue indefinitely.

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