Saaho Is Highest Non Holiday Opener Of 2019

Why Media Played A Game Against Saaho?

Kritika (Chennai City) : Why Media played a game against Saaho and not for War as both of them were similar action type movies? Don’t you think it was deliberate negativity created by media against Prabhas during Saaho release?

Answer :- Basically, both Saaho and War got mixed reviews from Critics. But there is a big difference in collections for both the Hindi version as well as in regional languages. The media played it’s part for Saaho more as it’s from South India. Most of the Critics and media channels are based on the Mumbai region only (the mainland of Bollywood) and they are not habituated to this sort of South Indian movie. Except for very few critics, most of them were not that harsh on Saaho what you are thinking. Yes, there were few Fan made Critics who definitely played it’s part for both War and Saaho. One for positive aspect and another one for the negative aspect. They think that with the help of Blue Badge in social media like Twitter can destroy any movie of their choice. In fact, some times they indirectly blackmail fans with some kiddish IMPRESSION SCREENSHOTS. Unfortunately, neither the Public nor Box Office will hardly get any effect on this. Just imagine, India is a place of over 130 Crores people and a maximum of 3 to 7 Crores goes to the theater. If the politician fail to understand the mind of the public during election how can this Fan made critics change the mind of the audience? They do this sort of Kiddish things just to catch attention from fans. They are so smart that they provide numbers all languages from War and only Hindi Version from Saaho. Then they compare this in front of fans to fool the public. Nevertheless, the reality won’t change with this drama anymore. Earlier, it was easy but now they will be caught badly as so many web portals are tracking the real numbers from Exhibitors and Distributors. Also, War is a movie from Yash Raj Production (One of the Oldest and Biggest Powerhouse in Bollywood production) and it becomes easy for them to manipulate things. Media is not a big deal for them. In comparison, UV Creation has hardly any saying in Bollywood Media. They may be big at the South Indian market but when it comes to Bollywood they are no way near to Yash Raj Production.

Now, comes to your second question frankly saying I have no idea whether there was a deliberate attempt to down Prabhas during Saaho. But, yes some so-called people are surely jealous of Prabhas’s records. They can’t accept that Prabhas is a new Superstar rising in Bollywood. If the release date remains as it is then some of his records will stay long for at least next 4 to 5 years in Bollywood itself. Actors like Prabhas is a bonus for Bollywood as many actors failing to give 200 Cr net in his entire career in the Hindi market. Here Prabhas hits, back to back three centuries in Bollywood in his first three movies itself. Even, big Superstar like Hrithik Roshan before War haven’t crossed the 200 Crores net mark in the Hindi market. War may have crossed this feat but 50% credits will go to Tiger Shroff. It can’t be called as Solo 200 Crores Net Grosser from Hrithik Roshan. With new GST rules it getting easier for the movies to cross 200 Crores Net Gross but the huge number of Tickets Sold is something which was crossed by very few Actors consistently in recent time in Bollywood apart from Prabhas. So, by deliberate negativity from anybody in media won’t hamper the Box Office prospect of Prabhas for future movies.

Sayan Roy (Kolkata) : Can Made In China give competition to Housefull 4? Is there any chance for Made In China right now?

Answer :- I am not sure what is the budget of Made In China as there is no official confirmation of it yet. On the other hand, Housefull 4 budget is Highest for Akshay Kumar Outright Hindi movies of his entire career. As per my close source it’s over 165 to 170 Crores or more. Made In China needs to start decently. It needs to start at least in the same way what Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar opened two years ago. Unlike Secret Superstar it has enough time to generate word of mouth towards it’s target audience. But, the word competition is too much for this sort of small movie unless Housefull 4 doesn’t become a dud like last Diwali release Thugs Of Hindostan. Made In China can surprise as they are very confident about their product but big question is will the audience give them a chance? Generally, during festivals the audience loves to watch big stars movie no matter how bad the movie is. Here you have Akshay Kumar one of the Biggest Crowd pullers in Bollywood. The advantage is very much on Housefull 4 from all aspects despite the huge budget. It will be a complete shock for the industry if Made In China gives competition to Housefull 4. For me, it’s 70:30 situation as of now.

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