Why Mark Harmon Scolded Cote de Pablo In Set During NCIS Season 3 ?

Cote de Pablo remembers the time when Mark Harmon reprimanded her for being absent from the NCIS set due to illness. Joining NCIS in Season 3 to fill the void left by Sasha Alexander’s departure, Cote de Pablo’s character Ziva quickly gained popularity among fans. Alongside Sean Murray’s Tim McGee and Michael Weatherly, they are considered as the top members of Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ NCIS team. Gibbs, as the longest-serving leader of the Major Case Response Team (MCRT), was known for his strict rules. Interestingly, Mark Harmon also enforced similar rules in real life, including the importance of not missing work. Here is why Mark Harmon scolded Cote de Pablo in NCIS Set during Season 3 shoot.

On Off Duty : An NCIS Rewatch podcast, Cote de Pablo shared that Mark Harmon once scolded her for missing work due to illness. She recounted how her co-star pulled her aside and emphasized the importance of showing up, even when sick, so they could figure out how to deal with it.

Here Is What Cote de Pablo Quoted Below –

Don’t take a sick day, I learned that one. I was sick, in Season 3, really, really sick, and I had Doctor Pat. You know famous doctor Pat ? He was sent over, and he came over the house I had like a really awful fever and Doctor Pat said ‘You can’t go to work.’ So I thought ‘Well, if the doctor’s telling me that I can’t go to work, I must follow orders.’ So I made the grave mistake of staying home, and I was sent a car and I went to set and Mark came up to me, and he was kind enough, but he was very stern, and he said you come to set we decide when you’re sick something along the lines of that like.

But it was like ‘You come to set, and then we will determine how we address this.’ By the way, I don’t think I ever got sick again. But I think mentally, it just did a trick on you. And when you think about it, you know, anyone can do a job, better, worse, whatever. But no one can play McGee, no one can play Di Nozzo. No one can play any of the characters. So you really had to be there, and that’s a lot of pressure.

The event occurred at the beginning of Cote de Pablo’s tenure on the show. She then served as a key member of the main cast for nearly ten years, playing a central role in numerous episodes — many of which featured Harmon. It appears that Cote de Pablo has moved on from the issue, particularly considering her return in NCIS Season 17 with a storyline that saw Ziva and Gibbs going on the run. Meanwhile, DiNozzo made a recent comeback in NCIS season 21, following Ducky Mallard’s tribute episode. Subsequently, the two characters are leading their own spinoff.

NCIS : Tony and Ziva are now traveling through Europe with their daughter, Tali, while being pursued by unknown individuals. The reason for their troubles remains a mystery, as Tony did not disclose any details during his last visit to the MCRT. However, they can count on Gibbs for help, despite his retirement and secluded life in Naktok Bay, Alaska. It is highly unlikely that Gibbs would hesitate to offer his assistance if needed. This storyline could potentially pave the way for Harmon to reprise his role as Gibbs in the Paramount+ series, even if only for a brief period.

It is important to mention that prior to Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly leading their own show, Mark Harmon will have already returned to the NCIS universe through NCIS : Origins. Featuring Austin Stowell as a young Gibbs, the prequel will explore the character’s early days in the agency as a member of Mike Franks’ team. Although he will not make a physical appearance, he will provide narration for the events, much like Jim Parsons’ role in Young Sheldon.

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