Why Housefull 4 Collection Should Not Be Compared With Golmaal Again

Why Housefull 4 Collection Should Not Be Compared With Golmaal Again?

Disha Jaiswal (Gwalior) : Do you think Housefull 4 collection should be compared with Golmaal Again? Don’t you think Golmaal Again performed far better than Housefull 4? Is there any chance that Housefull 4 will become bigger Hit than Golmaal Again as you already predicted that it might fall short in terms of Success/Hit?

Answer : I understand why you have made this sort of question. There is one famous web portal a few days ago compared Housefull 4 collection with Golmaal Again. They compared it with the big day after Diwali’s comparison. More or less except Mysore Housefull 4 is a clear winner in every territory. They also stated that due to tax change Golmaal Again is less but that compensated by First day and Fourth day numbers. But, my question to them is, have Golmaal Again got the same number of screens (3900) on the first day what Housefull 4 held in it’s kitty on the fourth day? My second question to them, Is Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar is equal to the combination of Saand Ki Aankh & Made In China together? As they are not counting this clash. Unless, this two questions answer was not given properly it’s baseless to compare Housefull 4 (4th day) and Golmaal Again (1st day). Both released on the different equations and different sorts of clashes. The only common factor is the Diwali Festival.

Coming back to your second question, yes Golmaal Again performed better than Housefull 4 in the first few days. But, there was no such negativity on Golmaal Again and plus the post/pre Diwali equation. Here Housefull 4 is facing huge negativity from media and critics. Though this also helping Housefull 4 more so this factor can’t be taken properly. It will be the Second Friday which will clear the picture properly. Housefull 4 will be ahead of Golmaal Again after First Week but how strong it can hold from Second Friday that will be the key. Golmaal Again is a Blockbuster movie. It held strong for two to three weeks. It remains to be seen how Housefull 4 plays in the next few weeks.

I said in my previous article that Housefull 4 should go past 200 crores net mark at least for the sake of industry but at the same time, I also predicted that Housefull 4 might become lesser Hit as compare to Golmaal Again. Don’t mix these two things. Highest Net Grosser doesn’t mean bigger Hit always. There were similar instance which comes into play (unlike, all trade website who clearly saying that War is bigger Hit than Kabir Singh and declaring it a Blockbuster without mentioning the tickets sold of both the movies). You can clearly see the fourth day number. Housefull 4 fails to touch those big 40 Crores net numbers in Single day when there is no competition and full support from the family audiences as it’s a comedy movie. Yes, Akshay Kumar factor worked otherwise opening could have been in 10-12 Crores net range. Akshay has just given the numbers on one of the worst weekend of a calendar year to capitalize on big holidays. I am still saying that Golmaal brand is much bigger than the Housefull brand. It’s the Akshay Kumar factor that reducing the gap of both the movies collection. But, in terms of Hit/Success, Housefull 4 has marathon left to even catch Golmaal Again level of Hit. The final tickets sold will clear all this fact. Gujarat is the only place where Housefull 4 will overcome Golmaal Again. But, rest of the country it will be a very tough task ahead.

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