Why Did Michael Weatherly Leave NCIS?

NCIS fans were already upset when their favourite character Ziva David (played by Cote De Pablo) left the show. It was more pathetic when actor Michael Weatherly also followed the same path after that. It makes a big query among fans as to why did Michael Weatherly leave NCIS.

We all know there were always some target fans for every show. In the NCIS series too there were target fans that have their favourite cast. 4 characters which were most favourite of fans. The most lead character Leroy Jethro Gibbs (playing by Mark Harmon), Ziva David (played by actress Cote De Pablo), Abby Scuito (played by Pauley Perrette) and Tony DiNozzo (acted by Michael Weatherly). Some left the show due to some reason. But, hardly anybody knows why did Michael Weatherly leave NCIS?

Michael Weatherly was part of almost 306 episodes in the NCIS series. As you know he played the character of Tony DiNozzo, his first episode was ‘Yankee White’. He appeared for the last time in the NCIS series 4 years ago with the episode ‘Family First’.

There can be several factors that lead Michael Weatherly to leave the NCIS series.

According to one local media channel, when Cote De Pablo decided to leave the NCIS series, actor Michael Weatherly also start thinking of leaving the show. But, he wanted to leave the series after much thinking. Unlike Cote De Pablo who took spot decision. He said, “I want to give these guys (NCIS management) enough time for a proper replacement. I am in love with the character Tony. I love the NCIS series. I am also a fan of this show. So I want to depart without hurting the show.”

The second factor may be his new assignment CBS legal drama Bull. As per another famous web portal, he wanted to do something new in his life. So he joined the drama Bull. After doing so many episodes in the NCIS series he was tired. Michael Weatherly said in the summer press tour at the Television Critics Association, “I was tired of doing NCIS series. I wanted a new challenging role. Sometimes change is as good as a rest.”

The third factor could be his controversial comment on co-stars in the show that could lead to this decision. Though, his wife and family supported him fully. Michael Weatherly’s affairs also played it’s part in his life.

Why Did Michael Weatherly Leave NCIS

As per Michael Weatherly, “It was very hard for some people to accept his decision. I know that no one would believe that I am leaving the NCIS series how can anyone left the No.1 series in the world which is getting huge TRP. But, I am such a freak person.”

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