Why Cote De Pablo Hates Plastic Surgery ?

The popularity of NCIS lead actress Cote De Pablo is tremendous. It’s her natural beauty that created so much popularity. She always believes in natural beauty. For your kind information, she doesn’t like any cosmetic surgery to show her beauty like other actresses. Today, you will also know why Cote De Pablo hates plastic surgery.

Her fan following is super active. When her character Ziva David was removed from the NCIS series, fans started voting and filing the applications to the team for her immediate comeback.

The situation was so worse one time that fans warned to boycott the NCIS series if Ziva David’s character didn’t come back again.

Having said that as per executive producer Gary Glasberg, actress Cote De Pablo left the NCIS series on her own. He also said it would be lovely if Cote stayed on with us. It was Season 17 when fans got a big surprise when they saw the return of Ziva David.

As per a closed source, actress Cote De Pablo is very busy even without the NCIS series. No, doubt actress Cote De Pablo is always justified her character. She was very impressive in the show. She always maintained some basic principles such as to remain healthy, working in the gym, doing yoga, eating clean food.

Actress Cote De Pablo thanks her yoga teacher for the whole body fitness. She said, “You can see there is a lift everywhere. It’s completely natural fitness and no fake body. It’s my natural beauty.” You can check the body fitness pictures of Cote De Pablo here.

Why Cote De Pablo Hates Plastic Surgery

As we mentioned earlier that actress Cote De Pablo doesn’t like surgery or artificial type beauty.

In a media interview, it was explained why Cote De Pablo hates plastic surgery. As per her, “Women should always say no to surgery. We have the power to change the system. If there is no age on TV it would have been a wrongful act. It’s more diverse than women whose age is in between 25-40. If they (team NCIS) don’t give my due as per talent then I too not at all interested.”

Cote De Pablo pointed towards one of the old actress Diane Keaton for beauty product ads. There they advise to the new generation that, “As our life goes longer we are getting better and better. These artificial cosmetics are not good for health. It can only make you glow for a certain time afterward you have to pay for it’s effect.  Plastic surgery and other sorts of skin transformation products are injurious to health. If we are aware of this, we can transform the public to a quite extent. It will ultimately generate a big change in our system.”

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