Who Is Tony Balkissoon’s Mother ?

Fans are very much aware of the marriage between Tony Balkissoon and Laura Jarrett. Both were not only from the legal field but had a solid background. However, there is no information in the media and web portals regarding Tony Balkissoon’s mother. So, today we will try to elaborate on it below.

Who Is Tony Balkissoon’s Mother ?

Before we talk about the parents of Tony Balkissoon. Let’s check first the family background of Laura Jarrett. Laura’s father William Jarrett is from the medical field. He was an American doctor of obstetrics and gynecology. He was also noted for his good deeds and achievements, for which he received an award. While her mother Valerie Jarrett is an American Lawyer and businesswoman. Interestingly Laura followed her mother’s profession in the future. Valerie was also a politician. She worked as a senior adviser (2009–2017) to U.S. President Barack Obama.

On the other hand, Tony Balkissoon’s father Bas Balkissoon is a former politician in Ontario, Canada. He was a Liberal member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 2005 to 2016 who represented the riding of Scarborough—Rouge River. Now comes, the most important question who is Tony Balkissoon’s mother ? We are the first web portal to give the information that Tony’s mother’s name is Tahay Balkissoon. She is a housewife and not a working lady. There is very little information available on her. Recently, after the marriage of Tony, when his second child (daughter) was born, Tony insisted her name same as his mother’s.

Bas Balkissoon married Tahay and together they have raised three children. Apart from Tony, they didn’t disclose their other two children’s information. If we get any information regarding that in the future will surely update it.

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