Who Is Michael Weatherly Married To ?

The early marriage life of Michael Weatherly is a very sorrowful one. His first marriage with co-star Amelia Heinle ended in divorce. They had one son. Both of them found it very tough to continue the relationship. The aftereffect was worse than this. The soap opera was canceled where both Michael Weatherly and Amelia Heinle worked together. As a result, both suffered financially. Now the query comes who is Michael Weatherly married to next.

The second lady who came to his life was Jessica Alba. Unfortunately, this relationship lasts for only two years. When he proposed to Jessica, her age was only 20. No doubt the love life of Michael Weatherly was a very tough journey.

Who Is Michael Weatherly Married To ?

But, there is an end to everything. His tough journey came to an end. He is happily married to Bojana Jankovic. Both had two children namely Liam and Olivia. It’s now 10 long years since their marriage. There were many controversies regarding his comments on co-workers but his wife, family and fans, all stand firmly with him.

In a media channel actor Michael Weatherly says, “I am lucky. I have a wonderful wife. I am on my way for a very happy retirement.”

Who Is Michael Weatherly Married To

We all got excited after the surprise entry of Ziva David during the end of Season 16. It means new stories have been exploding with actress Cote De Pablo. Fans too are very happy. They are super positive about her return to the NCIS series. There is one more query from fans about how Michael Weatherly will come back to the series. The character DiNozzo had gone long ago from the series. So, how Ziva will fit back in the storyline.

This leads to new speculation that both Cote De Pablo and Michael Weatherly have something between them which is occurring. After the breakup with long-time boyfriend Diego Serrano, actress Cote De Pablo remains silent on her relationship. Media has always highlighted her new love blossom as Michael Weatherly but till now there is no proper evidence. In fact, Cote De Pablo in an interview clears that she is very much single and wants to concentrate on her career.

Maybe not NCIS series but the good news is that both Cote De Pablo and Michael Weatherly joining together again for an altogether new series. Both will again be seen behind the camera together if not as a pair. The new series is a detective one. The name of the series is MIA. It will follow the story of an undercover agent who becomes a homicide detective in Miami. Fans were thirsty after the exit of the Ziva-Tony pair from the NCIS series. Let’s hope they will get something from the MIA series. 

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