Where Is Summer Benton Now ? Is She Married ?

You have seen many supergirls in Hollywood series and movies but in real life you hardly see anybody. Today, we are talking of one real-life supergirl. It’s none other than Summer Benton. Today, we will explore you a detailed biography of this real supergirl. Many people have a query where is Summer Benton now. Is Summer Benton married ? Well, we will reveal everything below.

Who Is Summer Benton ? Summer Benton Biography

Summer Benton is a detective officer who works for the Atlanta Police Department, United States. She is a tremendous officer. She has terrific success rates for solving homicide cases. She is a long-time hostage negotiator. For the security of people, she puts her life at risk almost every day. For the last 5 years, she is solving homicide cases. She is in the police department for the last 12 years. Interestingly, her experience attracts Hollywood producers which lead her to be featured on TLC’s fact-based crime series named Women of Homicide. She is one of the rarest people in the world who kept the secret of her birthday. She exercises daily to remain fit. Her fitness schedule is in the earning morning from 5 to 7 am. Having said that she always sticks to duty first even before her fitness.

Summer Benton Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Summer is a Christian by religion with American Nationality. Her ethnicity is White.

Summer Benton Education

Officer Summer Benton was born in Atlanta. She went to a regional school in her hometown where she graduated. She studied the Public Safety Leadership program at Mercer University. Her father was an FBI agent which inspires Summer to join the police department.

Summer Benton Profession

12 years ago Summer Benton joined Atlanta police and solved homicide cases for the last 5 years. She has already solved 28 cases. She is serving as a  hostage negotiator along with an FBI agent for the Atlanta Police department. Sometimes she calls herself a crisis negotiator. She is a real-life supergirl in the sense that she saves the lives of innocent people in the most dangerous and unthinkable situations. In the Hollywood series Women of Homicide, she performed superbly in the role of detective.

Summer Benton Net Worth 2022

Summer’s main source of income is from her job as an FBI agent in the Atlanta police. She had very limited work in the past in Hollywood. The estimated net worth of Summer Benton is around 6.40 Million US Dollars till August 2022. The figure should increase in the coming days as her new much-awaited movie Avatar – The Way of Water is under post-production.

Social Media Presence

Summer Benton is very much active in the social media platform Twitter. Though she has only 5000+ followers.

Is Summer Benton Married

Where Is Kevin Leonpacher From ?

Kevin Leonpacher was born in Nevada, Las Vegas. He was raised in Niceville, Florida where he completed his school life education. An internship from school led him to Atlanta. After school, he joins Florida University for graduation.

Summer Benton Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Summer is 5 feet 5 inches tall. Her height is 1.65 meters. She weighs around 55 Kg (121 Pounds). Her hair color is Reddish-Brown with brown eyes. She has a half-slim body with measurements of 35-25-30 inches.

Summer Benton Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

Summer Benton has lost 1 kg weight during the last month. She is doing regular exercises to remain fit and healthy. So far her health is perfectly all right.

Where Is Summer Benton Now ?

Right now Summer Benton is in Atlanta, Georgia where she is living with her husband Det Berhalter. She is busy solving her latest homicide case. She is celebrating her lovable puppy named Willa on it’s birthday. This puppy is trained under the Atlanta police department and helps to solve the cases.

On 28th November 2021, Atlanta Police Officers were called to 1217 Metropolitan Parkway regarding a suspicious person along with arms. As officers arrived on scene, they were flagged down by several people who advised they had been robbed at gun point by the suspicious person. Summer Benton is now investigating this case.

Detective Summer Benton passes the Happy New Year message from Atlanta Police to everyone on social media Twitter. She tweets, “The Atlanta Police Homicide Unit wishes everyone a very Happy and Safe New Year. Don’t drink and drive and please no celebratory gunfire. What goes up, must come down.”

As per the latest happening in Atlanta Police Department, Zone 3 Police Officers coordinates a community policing event at Georgia State University on Saturday (30th April 2022). The panel had talks with students. Detective Summer Benton feels honored to be part of this panel.

Summer Benton congratulated Atlanta Police and praised their decision to promote LT Woolkfolk as the new Captain. According to Summer Benton, he is a great leader. [Updated on 31st May 2022].

Summer Benton introduces her brother in public. Though she didn’t reveal his name. She tweeted My brother was kind enough to give me his hat today ! Summer Benton also reveals that Black riffle coffee is her brother’s favorite coffee. Her brother gifts a special cap with Black Riffle Coffee sponsor to Summer which she wears. [Updated on 4th July 2022].

Summer Benton was caught planting a tree near her home. Her neighbor Taryna Georgia assist her in this work. Summer Benton praises Taryna and said “Thanks for the assist in getting the ivy off this beautiful tree.” [Updated on 28th July 2022].

Summer Benton appeals on behalf of the Atlanta Police Department to the people for the arrest of an offender who vandalized the Rainbow Crosswalk last week. She tweets, “The APD needs assistance from the public as we seek to arrest the person responsible for vandalizing the Rainbow Crosswalk. The suspect spray-painted a swastika on the LGBTQ Rainbow Crosswalk Landmark at 10th St NE at Piedmont Ave. If you have any information, call 404-546-5706.” [Updated on 21st August 2022].

Summer Benton still remembers the tragic 9/11 incident in the United States of America. She tweets “I mourn every year with Atlanta Police. Never forget 9/11”. [Updated on 13th September 2022].

Summer Benton had an amazing weekend along with her brothers and sisters. Whether she is really on vacation or part of her new mission for the Atlanta police is completely secret. She posted a few pictures of this journey. Fans had one query regarding this whether they are real siblings of Summer or not. [Updated on 10th October 2022].

Summer Benton enjoys Christmas with her whole family. She posted as many as four pictures of her family and tweeted, “Merry Christmas from my family to yours ! Please be safe and have an amazing holiday! Thank you to all the Atlanta Police officers that will be working on Christmas.” [Updated on 25th December 2022].

Is Summer Benton Married
Is Summer Benton Married

Summer Benton gave the condolence news on the death of retired Atlanta Police officer Barry Shepherd early morning. She wrote on social media, “After a long courageous battle, Atlanta Police Retired Officer Barry Shepherd died last night. My prayers are with his family.” [Updated on 19th January 2023].

The death of photographer Tyre Nichols has created a lot of controversy in the United States. Nichols worked for FedEx. He was caught by police officers for reckless driving as per report. Meanwhile, Summer Benton hits out on this incident. She said, “Tyre Nichols’s death was horrific and the officers involved should be punished. They do not deserve to wear the badge. Please don’t choose violence. Protest peacefully. Prayers to Tyre Nichols’s family.” [Updated on 1st May 2023].

Summer Benton gave the retirement news of Leftanent Antony Colton from Atlanta Police. She shared the news on social media and gave a loving farewell by saying, You were one of a kind. Thank you for always smiling and overall kindness. LT Colton. Rest easy now. I will miss you”. [Updated on 12th October 2023].

Is Summer Benton Married ?

A lot of people asked this question regarding Summer’s love life. Is Summer Benton married or not ? No, she is not married. Some fake web portals say she is married to Det Berhalter who is a fellow police officer in the Atlanta department. So far what we know Summer Benton is unmarried. Yesterday, Summer Benton herself wrote on Twitter and confirmed this news. She wrote, “FAKE news alert. I’m not married. Some article states I am married. Gotta love what ppl will write before getting all the facts! Again not married.” Summer Benton has just given a punching reply to those fake reporters who gave false information about her married or relationship life. [Updated on 6th May 2022].

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