What Is Trikonasana Yoga And Its Benefits ?

Trikonasana is an important posture of Yoga science. Trikonasana is a word derived from the Sanskrit language. It means in Hindi, three-angle posture. While doing this Yoga, the muscles of the body get stretched at three different angles. That is why this posture is called Trikonasana. Yoga scientists have created Trikonasana with this thinking. This Yoga gives simultaneous stretching of the body from three different angles and helps in better functioning of the whole body. Therefore, in this article, we will give you information about what is Trikonasana Yoga, the benefits of doing Trikonasana Yoga, the right way to do it, the method, and precautions.

What Is Trikonasana ?

Trikonasana is a very easy posture of the beginner level. This Yoga is considered to be the posture of the Vinyasa style. The duration for doing this is stated to be 30 seconds. Repeating it can be done with one leg 3-5 times every day. The ankles, thighs, and knees become strong with the continuous practice of Trikonasana. This puts strain on the ankles, groin, thighs, shoulders, knees, hips, calves, hamstrings, thorax, and ribs.

In addition, the number 3 is considered extremely important in Indian Vedic literature. In India, there is a belief in three main deities who run the world i.e. Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. At the same time, the destruction of the world has also been said to happen from the third eye of Shiva.

Apart from this, the number three is also considered important in other ancient civilizations of the world like Egypt. This is the reason that the pyramid of Giza, which became the center of research and curiosity for the world, is also number three. These pyramids are also exactly in line with the three planets of the Orion constellation located in the sky.

How Do You Do Trikonasana Yoga ?

In the beginning, you can keep the heels of your feet on the ground or keep yourself stable by keeping your waist against the wall.

1. During this Yoga, take care that your waist remains completely straight.

2. While twisting the body, the hips are not to be twisted together.

3. One can take a few long breaths before Trikonasana Yoga to increase concentration.

4. You can maintain balance and stability by keeping a watchful eye.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Stand straight on the Yoga mat.

2. Make a gap of 3.5 to 4 feet between both feet.

3. The right foot should be out at 90 degrees and the left foot should be kept at 15 degrees.

4. Line up the center point of your right heel with the center of the arch of your left foot.

5. Make sure that your foot is pressing the ground.

6. The weight of the body is falling equally on both feet.

7. Take a deep breath and slowly release it.

8. While exhaling, turn the body from under the hips to the right.

9. The waist will remain straight while turning the body.

10. Raise the left hand up and touch the ground with the right hand.

11. Together, both hands will form a straight line.

12. Place the right hand on the shin, ankle, or the right foot resting on the ground.

13. Wherever the hand should be, but the side of the waist should not deteriorate.

14. The left hand will be stretched above the shoulder towards the ceiling.

15. Keep the head in the normal position or keep it twisted to the left.

16. Ideally, your eyes will be fixed on your left palm.

17. The body should be tilted to the side, neither forward nor backward.

18. Your chest and pelvis should remain wide and open.

19. Stretch as much as you can and focus on keeping the body stable.

20. Keep taking long and deep breaths.

21. Feel the body more relaxed as you exhale.

22. While inhaling deeply, release the body.

23. Drop the hands to the sides and straighten the legs.

24. Now repeat the same process with the left leg.

Health Benefits of Trikonasana Yoga

After doing this Yoga, you realize how much capacity is left in your legs. Legs are a very important and powerful part of the body. When you start to feel that there is not much power left in your legs and lower body, Trikonasana Yoga can bring back your lost confidence and does wonders for your lower body.

Trikonasana teaches your body to achieve extension, stability, and evenness while still remaining motionless. These three physical qualities are included in the basic principles of Hatha Yoga.

Like many other Yoga, this Yoga too is a mixture of many things. It develops strength and stability in your legs and stretches the torso. When there is more stretching in your hands and feet, it also develops equality in the body.

When you balance the legs, arms, and torso, your mind becomes even and stable. When the mind expands its capabilities in the body, then the inner consciousness of the body also gets activated along with it. This is the experience that only a true yogi can experience. With this, the union of body and soul begins. Let’s check below what are the benefits of Trikonasana Yoga.

Apart from this, there are many benefits of practicing Trikonasana Yoga. Like,

1. It strengthens the knees, ankles, feet, chest, and hands.

2. This Yoga stretches the groin, hips, hamstrings, calves, chest, spine, and shoulders.

3. It helps in increasing physical and mental stability.

4. It improves digestion and stimulates the lower abdominal organs.

5. It also helps in reducing back and sciatica pain.

6. Trikonasana Yoga removes flat fit, osteoporosis, neck pain, and impotence.

7. It reduces stress and cures anxiety.


1. Trikonasana Yoga should be practiced only in the morning. But if you are doing this Yoga in the evening, then you must take your meal at least 4 to 6 hours before.

2. It is also important to make sure that before doing the Yoga, you have to defecate and the stomach is empty.

3. Avoid practicing Trikonasana if you have the following problems.

4. If you have neck problems, look at the front instead of looking up.

5. Patients with high blood pressure should also look down while doing this Yoga.

6. Heart patients should do this Yoga with the support of the wall by placing the top arm on the hips.

7. Do not do this Yoga if there is a problem of low blood pressure, diarrhea, and headache.

8. In the beginning, do Trikonasana only under the supervision of a Yoga trainer.

9. You can also do this Yoga yourself if you have balance.

Take the help of this video below to do Trikonasana

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