Tamika Parks Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Age, Married, Kids, Today & Weight Loss

We all know how famous an American restaurateur Pat Neely is for his work. But fans are hardly aware of his married life and his wife. The whole world knows Tamika Parks as the wife of Pat Neely. Rather than being a wife of a public figure she has created her own popularity. She is a registered nurse. So, it is better to recognize her with this identity rather than calling her a celebrity wife. Along with the nurse, she is an ideal wife and mother too. She is a respected lady for her prestigious duty. Today we will reveal Tamika Parks net worth, biography, wiki, age, married life, kids, body measurements, weight loss secrets. We will also tell you what is Tamika Parks doing today.

Tamika Parks Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Age, Married, Kids, Today & Weight Loss

Tamika Parks Age & Date of Birth

Tamika Parks was born on 2nd September 1979 in La Grange, Georgia. Currently, she is 44 years old.

Tamika Parks Parents

Tamika’s father’s name is David Parks whereas her mother’s name is Maxine Hall.

Tamika Parks Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Tamika is a Christian by religion with American Nationality. Her ethnicity is mixed. She is of African descent.

Tamika Parks Education

Tamika Parks completed her master’s degree at Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, United States.

Tamika Parks Early Childhood Story

Tamika grew up in an indulged family where her father was a businessman and her mother was a certified phlebotomist. Since her childhood, she watched her mother in the medical field. She influenced very much which lead to her career dream of becoming an anesthetist. Right now her parents are no longer together.

Tamika Parks Business & Profession

Tamika Parks is a certified registered nurse. She is a specialist in Anesthesia. She is a very motivated lady. We can acknowledge this from her daily life. According to her, “Hard work betrays none”. Medical students motivated a lot from her as she never give up on any work easily.

Tamika Parks & Pat Neely Marriage

Both Tamika Parks and Pat Neely first met at the Tom Joyner cruise 6 years ago. At that time Pat Neely was a celebrity chef. Both married on 7th October 2017 secretly with hardly any media get known. Tamika after two weeks of her marriage announced it publicly on the social media site Facebook where she posted, “He knows how to make me smile. Happy Day. I married my best friend. Thank you, god.” Surprisingly Pat Neely didn’t post anything regarding his marriage. Pat tried to make this secret as Tamika’s pregnancy news was revealed in media when she share baby shower posts on social site Instagram. So far both are living a happy married life. No rift nothing. Tamika claims herself as a lucky wife.

Tamika Parks Kids

Tamika has two cute children Elijah and Eriel. Pat often shares their pictures on social media. Tamika loves her kids very much. She always spends her time with them.

Who Is Pat Neely’s New Wife ?

If we go through to Pat Neely’s love history it’s not that satisfactory. Tamika is Pat Neely’s new wife. Yes, she is not his first official wife. Pat was married to Gina Neely earlier in 1994. After 20 years of living together both divorced in 2014.

Are The Neely’s Still Married ?

Pat Neely is currently married to Tamika Parks. But, Gina Neely is still single after divorcing Pat. Gina is busy in singing show having a new deal.

What Happened To The Neely’s Daughter ?

Shelbi is the daughter of Neely’s. She was not feeling well and lost her confidence. After a few years in mental health remission, she still finds it tough to regain her confidence.

How Did Gina Neely Lose Weight ?

Gina Neely joined a community of folks dedicated to a healthier lifestyle in the George Foreman Grill weight loss challenge. Gina Neely lose weight by limiting the fried food and grill. At home, she likes to snack on apple slices with peanut butter. She ate green leafy colorful vegetables during dinner.

Tamika Parks Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Tamika is 5 feet 2 inches tall. Her height is 1.60 meters. She weighs around 65 Kg (143.30 Pounds). Her hair color is brown with black color eyes. She has a curvy body with measurements of 37-29-34 inches.

Tamika Parks Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

Tamika Parks has gained 5 kg weight during the last month. She is eating organic foods and doing light workouts to remain fit and healthy. So far her health is all right.

Tamika Parks Net Worth 2023

Since Covid 19 cases again increased in the United States of America, as a nurse Tamika Parks is busy with the treatment of patients. As per the latest report, more than 52K people has been recovered yesterday only from this pandemic in the US. Tamika Parks has urged her patients not to panic. She is doing her level best during the treatment. [Updated on 4th May 2023].

Tamika Parks is currently working as a certified registered nurse Anesthetist. Since she is from the medical (hospitals) field one can guess solid finance and net worth report from her. The estimated net worth of Tamika Parks till October 2023 is around 2.80 Million US Dollars approximately.

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