What Are The Best Guided Meditation For Positive Energy ?

Hello friends. Welcome to a new topic on meditation. It’s good to see that you chose to meditate today and nurture your body, mind, and soul. In the morning everyone needs some positive energy to start the day. So, today you will aware of the best guided meditation for positive energy.

Let’s get into a comfortable seated position. Close your eyes. Now, bring your hands together and take a moment for gratitude. Focus on what you have to be thankful for today. I am thankful for this new day. I am thankful to be alive. I am thankful for my loved ones. I am thankful for the sun, our earth, and the air I breathe. I am thankful for this moment of peace. Now release your hands back to your knees. You can choose to face your palms up for receiving, or down for grounding. Take 3 deep breaths with an open mouth exhale. Feel the relaxation flow through your body. Then, close your mouth and breathe through your nose for the rest of this meditation. We’ll start with bringing awareness to and relaxing the entire body. Relax your forehead and your eyebrows. Relax all your facial muscles. Breathe in, and on your exhale, relax your shoulders down. Relax your arms, hands, fingertips, heart, stomach, hips, thighs, knees, calves, feet and toes. Feel your entire body totally relax. Allow yourself to simply feel the peace of this moment. You may notice your breath slowing down as your body calms down and finds stillness. Allow your breath to flow naturally.

Just observe how your body naturally breathes in and out. Be the observer of your breath. Your body already knows what to do. If you notice thoughts entering your mind, don’t worry or judge. Simply observe the thought, then let it go. Your thoughts are like clouds. A thought might drift across your mind and transform into another thought. You don’t need to do anything but observe, then release. Like clouds, let them come and go. If you want, you can try this visualization. As you breathe in, imagine positive light energy coming into your body through your crown, which is the very top point of your head. As you breathe out, imagine that positive energy flowing through your body, all the way down your limbs, and pushing old, stagnant energy out through the tips of your toes. Breathe in positive, loving energy.

Breathe out, and let that positive energy flow through you, washing away any negative thoughts, energy, and emotions that aren’t serving you. Continue this visualization with your breath. In doing so, you’re essentially trading low vibrational energy for high vibrational energy. We are energetic beings. We must learn to protect our energy and consciously choose to feed the positive energy and release the negative energy. As you feel the positive light energy surrounding you, feel free to recite these positive affirmations along with me, in your mind. I am worthy as I am. I am enough as I am. I am strong, brave and resilient. I love myself, respect myself, and accept myself exactly as I am. I am guided, I am protected, I am loved. I am safe. I can express myself freely. I choose love over fear. I am a light-worker and I lead with light. I am authentic to who I am and aligned with what I want. Now you have the tools to relax your entire physical body, renew your energetic body with positive light energy, and reset your mind with positive, loving affirmations.

These exercises are available to you whenever you need them. Continue meditating on your own. Breathe, and connect with the stillness within. Begin to bring your awareness back to your breath. Bring your hands together and return to your gratitude. What about your life? Are you thankful for it? Take 3 deep breaths with an open mouth exhale. Open your eyes and see the beautiful world around you. Observe your surroundings with a fresh perspective, and continue your day with positivity and gratitude. Hope you enjoyed this best guided meditation for positive energy. You can also check 5 minutes meditation guide which will be helpful for your kids.

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