What Are The Benefits of Vajrasana Yoga ?

Yoga is not just an exercise but a science. Now even scientists have started accepting this thing. Yoga is a holistic lifestyle, which can play an important role in changing your whole life. Yoga believes in learning from nature. So everything that is in nature. Actually, Yoga is a part of science itself. Yoga learns from the living beings, objects, substances, and postures present in nature and believes in improving itself from that. One such pose of Yoga science is Vajrasana. The word Vajrasana is actually made up of two words Vajra and Asana. In this, the word Vajra in Sanskrit means celestial lightning or diamond. Whereas asana means to sit. This Yoga can organize the scattered energy in the body. Apart from this, it can also help in making the body as hard as a diamond. That is why in this article we will give you information about Vajrasana, the benefits of doing Vajrasana Yoga, the right way to do Vajrasana, precautions, and other things related to it.

How To Do Vajrasana Yoga With Right Technique And Posture ?

Although every Yoga is recommended to be done on an empty stomach, but Vajrasana is an exception. It is always advised to do Vajrasana only after having a meal. If Vajrasana is practiced after having a meal, then it gradually cures every disease related to the stomach and digestive system.

Step By Step Instructions of Vajrasana Yoga

1. Bend the legs and sit on the knees. Pull the toes of your feet backward. Keep them together and cross the toes over each other.

2. Slowly lower your body in such a way that your hips stay on the ankles. While your thighs will rest on your calf muscles.

3. Keep both your hands on the knees, keep the head straight and your eyes will be completely in front.

4. Keep your attention focused on the movement of your breath. Pay close attention to how you are breathing. Maintain equal attention to the breath in and out.

5. Close your eyes and pay attention to the movement of your breath. Slowly move your mind away from everything else and try to focus only on breathing in and out.

6. This Yoga can be practiced for at least 5 minutes in the beginning and for a maximum of 10 minutes. Once you get used to it, you can increase it to 30 minutes.

What Are The Benefits of Vajrasana Yoga ?

1. Regular practice of Vajrasana improves digestion and helps in removing constipation.

2. A better digestive system helps to overcome problems like ulcers and acidity.

3. The practice of Vajrasana strengthens the back and spine and gives relief to back pain as well as sciatica patients.

4. This Yoga also strengthens the pelvic muscles in the body.

5. This Yoga is also considered best for meditation.

Precautions For Vajrasana Yoga

After starting Vajrasana, you may start experiencing pain in your legs or knees in a short time. If this happens, then immediately become normal and by straightening the legs, do stretching in the legs immediately.

Gently massage your ankle, knee and calf muscles. With the passage of time, you will get used to doing this Yoga. Then you will be able to increase the time of doing this Yoga up to 30 minutes.

Although Vajrasana is considered a very safe posture, but still before starting the practice of this Yoga, you should know some very special things.

1. If you have any kind of problem in the knees or if you have done any surgery on the knees, then do not practice this Yoga at all.

2. If you are suffering from any problem in rib bones or lower ribs, then do not practice this Yoga at all.

3. If you are troubled by intestinal ulcers, hernia, and any problem related to the large or small intestine, then practice this Yoga only under the supervision of a Yoga guru.

Take help of this video below to do Vajrasana Yoga.

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