What Are The Benefits of Ustrasana Yoga ?

Ustrasana means a posture forming a camel-like posture. It is also called Camel Pose in the English language. This Yoga is very beneficial for women. This Yoga is very effective for correcting the menstrual cycle. Along with this, it also controls the pain occurring these days. Children who practice this Yoga since childhood, have their bodies remain flexible. This Yoga should also be practiced to strengthen the shoulders. Let us know how to do Ustrasana Yoga and its benefits.

What Are The Steps of Ustrasana ?

Laying a mat on the ground, sitting on the knee, and keeping both hands on the hip. The distance between the knees and the shoulders should be the same and the soles of the feet should be towards the sky. Leaning back, touch the soles of the feet with the hands. While inhaling, pull the stomach forward so that the balance remains. Keep sitting still without straining the neck. Keep breathing and exhaling in this position.

What Are The Benefits of Ustrasana Yoga ?

1) It Strengthens the back and shoulders.

2) It relieves back pain.

3) It brings flexibility to the spine.

4) It relieves the problem of irregular menstruation.

5) It corrects the shape of the chest.

6) It reduces belly, double chin, and waist fat.

Precautions – A Neck injury, pregnant women and high-low Blood Pressure patients should not do Ustrasana Yoga.

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