What Are The Benefits of Shashankasana Yoga ?

In this fast-paced life, a person forgets to take care of himself. There is neither food or drink on time nor sleeping on time, which has a bad effect on the human body. We have made our daily routine so bad that if it is not corrected soon then its bad consequences can come to the fore. At the same time, nowadays people have also become a victim of many problems, some have stomach-related problems, some have problems like fat and weight gain, due to which a person is vulnerable to serious diseases. But do you know that by doing Shashankasana Yoga, we can get a lot of relief in many types of problems. Probably not, but it can happen if this Yoga is done daily and regularly. So let us tell you about it and the benefits of Shashankasana Yoga.

What Is The Procedure of Shashankasana ?

1. For this, you have to first bend your knees by sitting in the position of Vajrasana and then sit on the toes.

2. Now while inhaling, move your hands upwards and then slowly bend them towards the front.

3. Keep in mind that your neck should be bent and your head should be touching the Yoga mat. You have to stay like this for about 15 seconds, if you want to stay longer then you can stay as per your capacity.

What Are The Benefits of Shashankasana Yoga ?

  1. If you are surrounded by stress, then by doing this Yoga, your stress can gradually go away.

2. By doing this your mind will remain calm and your mind will also be calm.

3. Stomach-related diseases are also not caused by doing Shashankasana Yoga and if someone is suffering from them, then he can get relief in them.

4. This Yoga also helps in reducing the fat of hips, stomach and thighs.

5. By doing this Yoga daily, it helps to strengthen the bones of the person’s spine.

6. If you have pain in the neck, shoulder and hand, then you can get relief in it.

7. It helps in reducing body fat.

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