What Are The Benefits of Purvottanasana Yoga ?

The name Purvottanasana or Upward Plank Pose is made up of a combination of two words. East and Uttan. Purva means the east direction or the front part of the body and Uttan means stretched. This Yoga improves your health and keeps you free from stress. Due to the poor and nutritionally poor lifestyle of the present time, the body starts getting weak and has to face many types of respiratory diseases. To avoid all these, nothing can be more than Purvottanasana Yoga. Let us know about the methods, benefits and precautions of Purvottanasana Yoga.

What Are The Benefits of Purvottanasana Yoga ?

Like every Yoga, Purvottanasana Yoga also has many benefits. Let us know about these benefits :

1. It strengthens the wrists, arms, shoulders, back and spine.

2. The legs and hips are exercised.

3. This Yoga improves the respiratory process.

4. It creates tension in the intestines and abdominal organs.

5. It stimulates the thyroid gland.

What Are The Steps of Doing Purvottanasana Yoga ?

Seeing the benefits of Purvottanasana yoga, every person wants to do this Yoga. Here we are giving some steps to do this Yoga, by following which you can do this Yoga easily.

Step By Step Instructions

1) Sit down with your legs extended straight in front of you.

2) Keep the legs together, keep the spine straight.

3) Place the palms on the ground, near the waist or the shoulders, the ends of the fingers away from the body, keep the arms straight.

4) Lean back and support the bodyweight with your hands.

5) Inhale, lift the pelvis, keep the body straight.

6) Keep the knees straight, keep the feet on the ground, keep the toes on the ground, by doing this the soles will remain on the ground. Let the head go back towards the ground.

7) Keep breathing in this state.

8) Exhale, come back, sit down, take a rest.

9) Repeat the postures by changing the direction of the fingers.


Never try to do more than your physical capacity in any Yoga posture. If you are not doing the Purvottanasana Yoga completely or you have pain in your back or shoulder, you can take the help of someone to support your back. If there is no one to help you, you can take the support of a chair under your waist. If this is also difficult for you, then keep your hips on the ground.

1. If you have an injury to your wrist, then do Purvottanasana Yoga very carefully.

2. If you have neck pain or injury, do not do Purvotanasana Yoga.

3. Do not put more stress on your physical capacity.

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