What Are The Benefits of Padmasana Yoga ?

Many people do Yoga to stay healthy. However, many of them do not know which is the Yoga from which one should start. Kamalasana or Padmasana Yoga should be done before starting Yoga for different diseases of the body or to stay healthy daily. This Yoga done for meditation focuses your body and mind and prepares you for Yoga. So let’s learn how to do Padmasana Yoga and what are it’s benefits.

First of all, know that before doing Yoga, the stomach should be completely empty. That is, after retiring from daily activities in the morning and doing Yoga in the evening, it can be done after about two hours of having a meal or breakfast. Also, Yoga should not be done on empty land. For this, a Yoga mat or mat should be laid. Only then should one start Yoga.

What Are The Steps of Padmasana ?

To do Padmasana Yoga or Kamalasana, first sit on a Yoga mat. This Yoga is named Kamalasana because the legs are made in the shape of a lotus. First of all, while exhaling, bend the right leg and place it on the left thigh. In this process, if you want, you can keep the left leg bent first. Keep in mind that the soles of the feet should be upwards and the heels should be below the navel, as well as the knees should keep touching the ground. Keep the whole body absolutely taut. Keep the hands above the knees in Gyan Mudra. Now after this slowly inhale and exhale. In this process, starting from one minute, gradually increasing the time to one hour.

What Are The Benefits of Padmasana Yoga ?

There are many benefits to the body by doing Padmasana Yoga. The easier it is to do this Yoga, the more its benefits remain.

1) By doing this Yoga, the mind becomes calm and the nervous system becomes strong. This Yoga works to bring joy and happiness to the mind.

2) If a person wants to get rid of the habit of intoxication, then he should do Padmasana Yoga.

3) Along with this, by doing this Yoga continuously for one hour, one gets rid of serious diseases like stomach-related, fever, cancer.

4) This Yoga also helps in bringing a glow on the face and improving the skin because when there will be no stomach-related problems and there will be less stress in the mind, then the face will start looking radiant.

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