What Are The Benefits of Mandukasana Yoga ?

Mandukasana is made up of two words. Manduk means frog and asana means Yoga practice. While doing Mandukasana, the body appears like a frog. That’s why it is called Mandukasana. It is also known as Frog Pose. This Yoga is a panacea for diabetes and stomach diseases. Let’s check the method of doing Mandukasana Yoga, its benefits and precautions.

How Do You Perform Mandukasana ?

The method of doing Mandukasana Yoga is very easy. To take the benefits of this Yoga, if you adopt the methods given below, then you can take maximum advantage of it. A very simple method of doing Mandukasana, following which you can easily do it even at your home.

1) First of all, sit in Vajrasana.

2) Now make a fist and take it near your navel.

3) Keep the fist near the navel and thigh in such a way that the fist is vertical and the fingers are towards your stomach.

4) Leaning forward while exhaling, bring the chest down in such a way that it rests on the thighs.

5) You bend forward in such a way that maximum pressure comes on the navel.

6) Keep head and neck raised, eyes in front.

7) Breathe in slowly and exhale slowly.

8) Then come to your normal position while breathing and relax.

9) It was a cycle.

How Many Times Mandukasana Should Be Done ?

You can do Mandukasana Yoga three to five times in the initial round.

What Are The Benefits of Mandukasana Yoga ?

There are many benefits of doing Mandukasana Yoga, the only condition is that you do it in the right way.

1) Mandukasana reduces belly fat. This puts pressure on the stomach.

2) By doing this Yoga for a long time, it burns belly fat.

3) Mandukasana is the best Yoga for stomach diseases.

4) Practicing Mandukasana properly helps in the secretion of insulin from the pancreas.

5) It is very beneficial for diabetes or diabetic patients.

6) Mandukasana is the best Yoga if you want to get rid of constipation.

7) By doing this Yoga, the secretion of enzymes and hormones starts properly.

8) It helps in the digestion of food and removes constipation and indigestion.

9) By doing Mandukasana Yoga, there are various types of toxins and poisonous gases in our stomach, which are easily removed.


Some things should be kept in mind while doing Mandukasana Yoga.

1) If you have back pain then you should avoid doing this Yoga.

2) People with hyperacidity should not do this Yoga.

3) Do not do this Yoga if there is any disease or operation in the stomach.

4) Do not do this Yoga even if there is a problem with the navel.

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