What Are The Benefits of Katichakrasana Yoga ?

Katichakrasana is made up of two words – Kati which means waist and Chakra which means wheel. In this posture, the waist has to be twisted to the right and left, that is, to rotate. While doing this, the waist rotates like a wheel, hence the name Katichakra. Today we will inform you regarding the benefits of Katichakrasana Yoga in human life.

How Do You Perform Katichakrasana ?

Now it comes to how to do Katichkrasana ? You can get more benefits from this Yoga only if you do it technically correctly.

1. First of all you come to Tadasana.

2. Stand firmly on the ground keeping the feet twelve inches away from each other.

3. Now spread the arms out in front of the chest in such a way that the palms are facing each other.

4. Inhaling and exhaling slowly move your arms to the right side of your body.

5. Rotate your body to the right.

6. Bend the body from the waist and try to move your arms as far back as possible.

7. While rotating to the right, the right arm should be kept straight and the left arm should be bent.

8. When you have rotated well, maintain this position and then while breathing you come in the middle.

9. This happened half a cycle.

10. Repeat the same process on the left side as well.

Now a cycle. In this way, you do the first 3 to 5 cycles and then gradually increase it.

What Are The Benefits of Katichakrasana Yoga ?

If you scientifically do Katichakrasana and follow the method mentioned above, then you can get a lot of benefits from its practice. Some important benefits are being told here.

1. Katichakrasana helps to lose weight. By practicing this Yoga, you can reduce your weight. The condition is that you fast it or maintain the posture for a long time. If you do it keeping in mind the steps, then obesity can also be reduced.

2. Katichakrasana Yoga to slim the waist. With the practice of this easy, you can make your waist thinner, especially for women. It makes your waist slim and beautiful. It not only makes your waist beautiful but also strengthens it.

3. It helps to widen the chest. With its practice, you can widen your chest and reduce respiratory diseases. This is a very beneficial yoga practice for your lungs.

4. It reduces constipation. With this, you can reduce your constipation and avoid digestive problems.

5. Katichakrasana Yoga is helpful for Ribs. The ribs become elastic, which can prevent many respiratory diseases and even tuberculosis of the lungs (TB).

6. This Yoga is useful for Shoulder Strength. It strengthens the shoulders, neck, arms, abdomen, back, and thighs.


1. This Yoga is prohibited for people having pregnancy, a hernia, slip disc, and any surgery in the abdominal part.

2. If you have any problem with the spinal cord, then you should do this Yoga only after consulting a doctor.

Take help of this video below to do Katichakrasana Yoga.

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