What Are The Benefits of Gomukhasana Yoga ?

The Yoga Sutras say, “Hem Dukham Anagatam” which means the pain that is about to come to you can and should be avoided. We have got human life so it is expected from us that we will always be healthy. Whereas problems, aches and pains are a part and parcel of life. However, some common pain can be stopped by regular practice of Yoga poses. If the pain still occurs, then at least any such pain can be dealt with well. Here we are telling you about an easy Yoga posture named Gomukhasana and it’s benefits. This Yoga is done by sitting on the floor with your hands and feet. We will only talk about hand movements here because we aim to prevent and cure neck and shoulder pain.

Before the 1940s, many people were suffering from many infectious diseases like typhoid, tuberculosis, cholera, smallpox, and many more people lost their lives due to these diseases. The discovery of antibiotics saved many people from dying because of these diseases. The special thing is that the discovery of their vaccine has eradicated infectious diseases such as smallpox and polio from the root. We thought that man would no longer be troubled because of these diseases. Well, after that again lifestyle-related disorders like hypertension and diabetes started to arise, these were diseases as long as they are under control, human keeps on working but as soon as it gets out of control all of our body begins to affect the mental symptoms. Many say that both these diseases are the result of lack of physical activity which is associated with the industrial revolution, green revolution, and technological progress.

Although we are still looking for a way to deal with these disorders, but there are some other pains associated with the use of modern gadgets. The problem of neck pain, upper back pain has become quite common now. It is often associated with the continuous use of mobiles. We have many such ‘advisors’ who say that we should not use mobile phones. Well, is it really possible ? Can we quit the phone, can we change our habits? It doesn’t seem possible in the near future. That too at a time when technology is at the tip of our fingers, why won’t we use it. So does that mean we must live with this pain? There is a good mix of modern and ancient science here. However, yoga is meant for higher goals and spiritual progress. Its use to reduce human suffering is not harmful in any way. It is similar to common shoulder and neck pain.

How To Do Gomukhasana Yoga ?

Phase 1

1) Sit up straight in a chair or fold a blanket on the floor and sit with your legs crossed.

2) While breathing in, raise your straight arm. Get your breathing back to normal.

3) While inhaling once again, without lifting your straight shoulder, lift your other shoulder. Once again the breathing becomes normal.

4) Turn your straight fist and lower arm inwards. Keeping your upper arm close to the right ear, rotate the palm of the right hand and the lower hand.

5) Grab the elbow of the straight hand with your left palm, while opening the elbow straight, slowly move the elbow back, so that the shoulder can open forward.

6) Remain in this position for 20 to 30 seconds while normalizing the breath.

7) While exhaling, keep your arms straight from your elbows and take them down.

8) Repeat this process again while raising your left hand and keeping the elbow bent.

Phase 2

1) Fold a blanket on the floor and sit with your legs crossed. Or sit straight on a chair.

2) While exhaling, straighten your arms downwards while keeping your palm towards the back wall. While breathing normally, take your arms away from the right side of the chest.

3) While exhaling, hold the palms behind the back while bending the hands from the side of the elbows.

4) If you can’t hold your hand from behind, use your left hand.

5) Remain in this position for -20 to 30 seconds, keeping your breathing normal.

6) While exhaling, straighten the arms of your right hand.

7) Repeat the same process with the other hand.

Phase 3

In this step, we do both at the same time. This time, first adjust the right palm behind the back, then lift the left hand, bending it at the elbow and grasp the right palm with your left palms. Remain in this position for 20 to 30 seconds, normalizing the breath. After this again do this asana from the left side.

If you find it difficult to do this and are unable to hold your palms, you can also use napkins or rope. Thus, if you are raising your right arm, hold the napkin or rope in your right palm. After this, with your left hand, hold the napkin behind the waist instead of the palms. In this way, you will be able to feel the flexibility in your shoulders by slowly healing them.

Now without wasting time let’s check below what are the benefits of Gomukhasana Yoga in daily life.

What Are The Benefits of Gomukhasana Yoga ?

1) As mentioned earlier, this Yoga helps in removing the stiffness of your shoulders and elbows.

2) Apart from this, it also helps you to normalize your breathing process.

3) Senior citizens should do this Yoga regularly because, with age, their muscles become weak, due to which pain is felt in the neck and shoulders.

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