Vinod Pandit Death Is A Mystery

For the last few weeks filmmaker Late Vinod Pandit grab the attention of viewers. It’s relating to his death. Though, before we say anything on death of Late Vinod Pandit let you know who is he.

Late Vinod Pandit was an actor (mainly filmmaker) and acted in two movies Thhoda Sa Aasman and Kasak. He is the son of classical musician Pandit Maniram and brother of musician Dinesh Pandit. He is also the nephew of Pandit Jasraj.

In early life, Late Vinod Pandit was engaged to Medha Jalota (wife of singer Anup Jalota). She died due to liver failure 6 years ago. Singers Shraddha and Shweta Pandit were nieces of Late Vinod Pandit.

Though you all know that Vinod Pandit dies due to cancer but there is something which is not revealed earlier. It’s his relationship with Deepti Naval. Some news channels claimed that both were married. Later both break-up. The death of Vinod Pandit is a mystery. As per a close source, it’s the relationship break up between him and Deepti Naval causes to his death.

Deepti Naval is an Indian born American actress. Her early life is full of controversy. Deepti Naval was accused of running illegal rackets. The external affairs with other actors also may lead to breaking up with Vinod Pandit. Both together worked in the film Kasak.

There was some information from a closed source that Late Vinod Pandit was somehow known that Deepti Naval is engaged in wrong activities. This leads to burst out and relationships deteriorate after each passing time.

When Deepti Naval knows this fact she breaks up. But, some moments both shared were still there. It could have make Deepti Naval to irritation. Thus, it leads her to inject him to secret death rather which looks like a normal death from cancer. More or less, Vinod Pandit’s death is a mystery for a few people as some facts are not mentioned properly.

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