Vicky Stark Biography, Age, Reddit, Net Worth, Weight Loss & More

There are very few YouTubers and Internet celebrities who is an experts in Fishing activities. Today we found one lady. She is Vicky Stark. Let’s check below Vicky Stark Biography, age, influencer, onlyfans, Reddit, net worth, weight loss, and lots more.

Vicky Stark Biography, Age, Reddit, Net Worth, Weight Loss & More

Who Is Vicky Stark ?

Vicky Stark is an American YouTuber and Internet celebrity. She is a fishing expert. She is known for her fishing skills. Along with that, she is also a social media influencer.

Vicky Stark Age & Date of Birth

Vicky Stark was born on 5th August 1985, in Florida, United States. Currently, she is 37 years old.

Vicky Stark Ethnicity, Nationality & Religion

Vicky is a Christian by religion with American Nationality. Her ethnicity is white.

Vicky Stark Profession & Career

By profession, Vicky is a fishing expert. She is expertise in catching fish from the sea. There were a lot of videos where you can check how she catches big fish from the sea in a bikini. Apart from that she is also a YouTuber and has done some modeling for a few agencies.

Vicky Stark Net Worth 2022

The main source of income for Vicky comes from YouTube, Instagram, and social media. The estimated net worth of Vicky Stark is around 2 Million US Dollars.

Vicky Stark Boyfriend & Relationship

Vicky Stark is in a deep relationship with Captain Ryan Eidelstein. Both living together for the last 3 years or more.

Vicky Stark Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Vicky is 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her height is 1.67 meters. She weighs around 58 Kg (128 Pounds). Her hair color is blonde with blue eyes. She has a half-curvy body with measurements of 35-28-31 inches.

Vicky Stark Weight Loss, Health & Fitness 

Vicky Stark has lost 2 kg weight during the last month. She is doing regular workouts, exercises, and swimming to remain fit and healthy. So far her health is perfectly all right.

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