Unseen Pictures Of NCIS Los Angeles Series From Season 12 Episode 2

It’s a pretty good past 4 months for NCIS Los Angeles Fans as their heart-warming action-packed series Season 12 moving smoothly. After the early end (two episodes earlier) of Season 11 due to the Covid 19 situation, it’s a big joyful moment for fans. Today we bring you 5 unseen pictures of the NCIS Los Angeles Series from Season 12 Episode 2 that will entertain you more.

We can’t think NCIS Los Angeles series without Marty Deeks. There was confusion regarding mid of Season 12 as well as at the beginning of his exit. But, he proves everyone wrong with the below scene in War Crimes (Season 12 Episode 2). By the way, we always said this way ago that Marty Deeks is confirmed for Season 12 of the NCIS Los Angeles series.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 2

The presence of G.Callen in most of the promos of Season 12 from the NCIS Los Angeles series is a clear indication that this particular season belongs to him only. Fans saw his love interest Anna Kolcheck in later episodes of this season.

We said in the previous episode that Sam Hanna is a master of action in the whole NCIS Los Angeles team. Check out this action scene of Sam Hanna from NCIS Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 2.

Fans were so happy after seeing Nell Jones (played by actress Renee Felice Smith) back on the team. Again, we said it way earlier that Nell Jones might be back in the NCIS Los Angeles series. Hetty gave her an important mission during the 1st episode (THE BEAR) of Season 12 in the NCIS Los Angeles series. Though her love interest Eric was missed in the premiere. But, dramatically he backs in the 2nd half of Season 12 episodes.

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