Unseen Ending Scene From NCIS Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 1

NCIS : Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 1 was self-contained with just a little excitement. It was just a chance to catch up on what the characters have been since the COVID 19 early closed NCIS Los Angeles Season 12. The purpose was to establish the new thing that was before, to some extent. The only thrilling moment was towards the end. We bring you the exclusive ending scene from NCIS Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 1.

Coming back to the episode named SUBJECT 17, Nell Jones played by actress Renee Felice Smith was missed by fans, even if that wasn’t actually the case. For your freshness of mind check here some unseen beautiful pictures of Renee Felice Smith from the NCIS Los Angeles series.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 1 Ending Scene

Hetty Lange the oldest member of this team is constantly burning secrets of the past. But if there were ever the perfect reason for a flash drive, those old records from her spy school would be it. She had to clarify that Callen, or one of those other junior members, would come after their retirements someday. Keeping such information in the same room where Callen works were just asking for trouble.

While fans would like to see more of Hetty Lange, like everyone else. We too are in favor of Linda Hunt (playing the character of Hetty) zooming in on her scenes during this pandemic.

All the important characters were also back in the first episode SUBJECT 17 from NCIS Los Angeles Series (Season 13). Both Fatima & Roundtree played an important part in the episode.

There was a query or complaints from some section of fans as they failed to catch the ending moment of Season 13 Episode 1 from the NCIS Los Angeles Series. So, without wasting time further let’s catch below the unseen ending scene from NCIS Los Angeles Season 13 Episode 1.

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