What Is With Daniela Ruah’s Right Eye ?

If you ask fans who is your favorite female character from NCIS Los Angeles series apart from HETTY ? Without any doubt, majority of fans will say Kensi….Kensi…..and only Kensi. The character Kensi played by actress Daniela Ruah. It had been said earlier that she is an all-rounder. From her style to look to personality, she excels in every department. One important characteristic of Daniela Ruah is her teasing eyes. She plays with her eyes and can make anything happen. Today, you will know one unsaid secret of Daniela Ruah’s eyes. You are thinking now about what happened to Daniela Ruah eye. What is with Daniela Ruah right eye ? Does Kensi on NCIS Los Angeles have a glass eye ? Have you ever looked at her eyes closely ? If not then watch her today in the below pictures.

Daniela Ruah's Eyes

If you notice carefully then you will find her one eye is darker than another. This Daniela Ruah’s eyes secret had never been said earlier in many popular media channels. This secret is from birth with Daniela Ruah. Though Daniela Ruah has no problem in her eyes and she can watch perfectly from her childhood itself.

Daniela Ruah's Eyes

Does Kensi Have Two Different Colored Eyes ?

Daniela Ruah, who played the character of Kensi on the NCIS Los Angeles series had recently shared her concerning family history. She revealed that one of her eyes is darker than the other.

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