Unrevealed Energetic Secret Of Daniela Ruah

NCIS Los Angeles lead actress Daniela Ruah had an off-time for the last three months or so due to pandemic. But, in reality, she is very much busy for the last 100 days with her family. As you all are witnessing her daily activities. Now the question comes to your mind does Daniela Ruah don’t take rest during the off time ? What’s the secret of Daniela Ruah energetic show ? So, today everything will be revealed directly from the words of Daniela Ruah itself.

On asking this question regarding the energetic secret of Daniela Ruah, NCIS Los Angeles queen said, “I am a little bit WORKAHOLIC, but not that I want to be in an office for non-stop 24 hours. In my career, I had good experiences of jobs. For me, the jobs with different types is the same as going to meet a group of friends. When I go to work it’s so easy for me. It’s long hours so don’t think it otherwise. Generally, people get tired of doing work in the office and want to go home. But, it’s other way around for me. I have such a good time and a positive environment that I love to keep doing it. I want to get the film on my resume and have that experience of playing versatile characters. Everyone loves Holiday but if a correct script comes to you and the availability occurs then I can’t stop myself from doing it. Despite this, I always goes home to see my family as much as I can in Portugal”.

Energetic Secret Of Daniela Ruah

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