Unnoticed Fight Scene Between Cote De Pablo & Wilmer Valderrama From NCIS Series

One of the most popular series in the television world in the United States of America is NCIS. The NCIS series has completed over 17 seasons. Two important characters in the NCIS series played by Cote De Pablo & Wilmer Valderrama liked by fans.

Today, you will know some unsaid facts between the two. Also, you will catch one unnoticed fight scene between Cote De Pablo & Wilmer Valderrama.

You will be surprised to know that many new actors joined the NCIS series after the departure of Cote De Pablo. But, more surprising is she met them in the sets before. One of them is none other than actor Wilmer Valderrama who played the character of Nicholas Torres.

Cote De Pablo who played the character of Ziva David in the NCIS series had given one sweet nickname of Wilmer Valderrama in the sets. So what’s the nickname she gave to him ? In a recent media interview, she talked about any possibility of NCIS return and working experience with co-star Wilmer Valderrama.

Cote De Pablo & Wilmer Valderrama

According to Cote De Pablo, “I thought he is funny and had laughed in every scene he filmed with me. We had a good time working together for the whole day. In every take, he was cracking me up. He was so funny that I decided to give him a nickname. His name is not Wilmer Valderrama. His nickname from today is Wilmer Wonderrama.”

Later it was revealed that Cote De Pablo has a habit of giving a nickname to her co-stars. Meanwhile, as said earlier today you will also catch one fight scene between Ziva David & Nicholas Torres from the NCIS series. This fight scene will surprise many Cote De Pablo fans who have only seen her glorious pictures. This action scene will give you the versatile potential of Cote De Pablo in terms of acting.

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